When it comes to choosing the perfect industrial embroidery machine for your business, there are various options for you to choose from by many global brands. A lot of businesses tend to base their decisions on the brand name and the price of industrial embroidery machines, but is that a smart way to justify your investment? We think not. 

There are many factors that you must consider when choosing the right industrial embroidery machine. All businesses are different and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach that you can take when it comes to investing in the right machine. You need to find one that meets all your individual needs and requirements. Plus, allows room for growth as your business becomes more established. 

To help you with your decision, in this post we’ll compare three of the industry’s main players. HappyJapan, Tajima and Brother dominate the industrial embroidery machine market – and it’s easy to see why. We’ll explore some of the main benefits that embroidery machines can bring to your business and the most popular products from the three brands. 


We’ll cover: 



At Midwest, we’re the UK’s sole distributors of HappyJapan machines. We believe that they’re the best brand in the industry – and you’ll see for yourself that we’re not being biased. They’re experts at manufacturing robust and durable machines that are proven to deliver incredible results. From single-head and multi-head machines to wide-area and high-speed machines, their product range has something for all businesses. 

If you need a machine that can be relied upon to run all day, look no further than HappyJapan. We realise that as a sports or fashion embroidery business, you need to be able to rely on your machine to produce amazing results in large quantities and turn orders around efficiently. That way, you can keep your clients happy and always fulfil their individual requests. 

HappyJapan machines accommodate businesses of all sizes and have many options for startups, small to medium-sized business and global enterprises too. So, as you evolve as a business, you can be sure that you have the right equipment readily available to grow with you. 


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When your business starts growing, you’ll start facing demands that you’ve never come across before. So, you need to make sure that you have everything in place to succeed. From the right amount of team members, the size of your premises and the equipment that you have in place. Customers won’t be prepared to wait longer times for their orders, they’ll expect the tip-top service that you’ve supplied from day one. 

Not only are they reliable but HappyJapan’s latest range features advanced technology. For example, the single-head HCU Series is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). This allows you to run your machine all day on programmed jobs that’ve been memorised by the machine from previous work. Allowing your staff members to focus their interests elsewhere. 



Tajima is one of the leading brands within the industrial embroidery machine industry. They have been supplying hard-wearing machines into the industry for many years and have a large product range to suit many businesses. However, are there products as well made as other brands within the industry? We’d have to disagree. 

Tajima machines aren’t as user friendly as other options. For instance, they don’t include an easily navigable touch-screen for your team to operate on. Touch screens can offer visual cues and live performance updates to the operator, so should anything go wrong with the embroidery process, they can instantly spot and rectify the mistake. 

Plus, they’re confusing and hard to use when programming. Unlike HappyJapan machines, Tajima products aren’t made with one-touch operations. HappyJapan’s one-touch operations feature allows you to perform everything with the press of one button. Whereas, Tajima machines take a lot longer and can be harder to pick up when learning how to operate. 


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Live reporting is a feature that you should look for when sourcing an industrial embroidery machine. Is your machine performing at the optimum output? Are you getting the most you possibly can out of it? Or, do you not know? Well, without live reporting analysis, you’ll be basing this off guesswork. By estimating, you run the risk of running your machine too hard and causing it to break. 

From there, you’ll then have to deal with the consequential downtime and the added costs to fix the machine. These extra costs are far from ideal for businesses, especially when they’ve shelled out a large investment for an efficient piece of equipment. 

Tajima’s TMCR-VF Series is their flagship model. Whilst impressive in size and durability, we, unfortunately, can’t see past its trickiness to operate. Businesses should ensure that all team members can easily use the machine, so should somebody be on annual leave, production doesn’t stop. If machines are hard to use, businesses won’t take the time to train everybody up and others may be less comfortable when operating. 


When we think of Brother embroidery machines, we automatically lean towards sewing machines. It’s often thought that the two are related, however, sewing machines and embroidery machines are completely different and can’t carry out the functionality of one another. 

Whilst sewing machines weave threads together, embroidery machines create a smooth and professional finish that’s perfect for personalised sportswear, school uniforms and work uniforms. So, if you’re thinking that a Brother sewing machine is the perfect entry-level machine, think again immediately. 

One major flaw in Brother’s product range is that they don’t supply machines that are over a single-head machine. So, you’re instantly limited into how far the machine will take your business. If you grow rapidly, you’re going to need an upgrade pretty quickly, so you’d get very little use out of an expensive investment. 


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When looking at investing in an embroidery machine, you should always consider growth. Otherwise, you’re immediately limiting yourself. Reach for the skies and ensure that you have the equipment in place to help get you there, right? We’re not saying that you need a 12-head embroidery machine off the bat, but something that allows progression and growth is a necessity. 

For example, Brother’s PR670 model is a powerful single-head machine, however, it’s only suitable as an entry-level machine. Once your startup starts to grow significantly, you’re not going to be able to cope with your customer’s demands on that machine. Whilst you can easily buy another machine, that’s not an effective way of operating. 

That way, you’d have to do everything twice – which when setting up and programming the machine can be pretty time-consuming. A multi-head embroidery machine would be a far better choice at this stage. 


Our Verdict

Whilst it may be obvious which brand we prefer, we feel that it’s only right to present an honest opinion – and that’s exactly what we’ve done. For us, HappyJapan machines win hands down. From the ease of use, advanced technology and the results achieved, they’re the premium options in the market in our eyes. 

Plus, they’re readily available for when your business grows. So, you can rest assured that you’ll have everything in place for your embroidery business to be a roaring success. If you want a machine that’s proven to run all day time and time again, then look no further. Created from quality Japanese engineering, there’s no way that these machines will let you down. 

As we mentioned, we’re the UK’s leading stockists of HappyJapan machines, so to check out our full range of stock that can benefit your business, click here


Industrial Embroidery Machine Manufacturers: A Further Comparison

As you’ve just read, we believe that HappyJapan always comes out on top of the battle of the industrial embroidery machine manufacturers. But if you need further convincing and want to see similar machines paired side by side, download our free further comparison guide today. 

We’ve paired up HappyJapan and Tajima machine features and compared their performance. So, if you need that extra clarity on which brand would be the most intelligent investment, please don’t hesitate to grab your copy today.