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Which Direct to Garment Printer is Perfect For You?

Investing in a direct to garment (DTG) printer and other equipment that’s tailored to your individual needs and requirements is crucial. Otherwise, you may be left with an inadequate machine that fails to meet your customer demand and needing to further invest to rectify the problem.

There are various factors that you must consider when choosing the right machine for your business – performance, quality levels and cost – to name a few. Investing in these machines is a big decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. To help you with your decision, in this post, we’ve highlighted some key machines that are suited to businesses of all sizes. 


Brother GTX Pro

When it comes to DTG printing machines, it’s no contest. 

This is the latest DTG printer from ever-popular Brother. It’s the perfect machine to slot seamlessly into your production line and help take things to the next level. It’s durable, built to last and is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Therefore, no matter whether you’re a small startup business or a global enterprise, this machine will be there for you. 

You’ll notice that the machine is compact and small in size. However, don’t let this put you off – you shouldn’t underestimate the power and speed that the machine contains. Both of these are key features for the perfect DTG machine for your business. That way, you can turnaround orders quickly and welcome new projects and partnerships.


Broaden Your Product Range

By appealing to a mass audience, you’re broadening the pool of potential customers. Therefore, by increasing your product range and not closing yourself off by trying to be too niche, you can be more inclusive of a wide spectrum audience. The GTX Pro is compatible with a wide range of materials, so you’ll be able to turn your hand at the latest trending products. 

From fabric printing to wood and canvas, this machine works well on a wide range of different materials – and it ALWAYS delivers. No matter whether you’re printing professional work uniforms or personal memories onto a canvas, you can be sure that this machine will get the job done with no compromise on quality.


Increase Productivity 

DTG is a straightforward printing method at the best of times. However, with the GTX Pro, it just got a whole load simpler. We didn’t think that was possible! With the inclusion of an automatic cleaning system, you needn’t worry about having to regularly clean your machine – it looks after itself! Of course, it’ll still need some level of attention though. 


midwest machinery direct to garment printer brother gtx pro


This means that you can save time on cleaning and more time producing products! Therefore, your machine can be constantly running and you can be solely focused on the areas of your business that are driving revenue and making money. Rather than worrying about the cleanliness of your machine and whether it’s going to affect printing quality or not. 


Streamline Your Processes

The GTX Pro is one of the fastest machines in the industry. The speed on its own is impressive enough, however, when it’s working ultra-fast and still managing to churn out incredible results, it’s even better for your business! Due to the machine’s speed, your whole printing process will be a lot quicker and streamlined. 

When streamlining processes, it means that your overall operations will be a lot more efficient. That could be the difference between turning customers away or welcoming those extra jobs in! Wherever you can save time you should do – your business will thank you for it indefinitely. Plus, it’ll make busy periods seem like an absolute doddle in future. 

The machine includes a new industrial white print head, which means that cleaning the machine is further streamlined too. Firstly, you won’t need as much white ink to flush out the machine and secondly, less cleaning means more time is saved. 


Align Your Whole Equipment Inventory 

In our opinion, the Brother GTX Pro is the only direct to garment printer that’s worth seriously considering. It’s streets ahead of anything else within the industry and will improve your production output and efficiency indefinitely. With that in mind, there’s no point introducing industry-leading machinery in one area and neglecting other service areas of your business, is there? 

While you may have a powerful DTG output with the introduction of a new machine, if the other areas of your business are inadequate, then it’s not going to make the desired impact. After all, DTG isn’t the be-all and end-all of your production output, is it? Usually, clothing manufacturers opt for various printing and embroidery methods to provide a well-rounded service. 


Introduce Industrial Embroidery Machines to Your Production Line

If your business focuses on embroidery, it’s worth checking whether your current machine set up is up to the task at hand or is it holding you back? Are you constantly having to turn away further custom because your machines can’t cope? Are the machines forever breaking down and inflicting regular downtime periods? Both of these are signs that you need a new set up. 

Of course, in the short-term, this isn’t going to be music to your ears. Having to invest in a new direct to garment printer and industrial embroidery set up can be expensive. However, it’s an investment in driving your business forwards. What may be a short-term cost will enable you to reap the benefits of mass expansion and growth in the long-run. 


midwest upgrade your machine


At Midwest, we appreciate that. Which is why we stock industrial embroidery machines that are suitable for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to startup your embroidery services or build on existing customer demand, we can accommodate all needs and requirements with our extensive choice. 

From single-head and multi-head industrial embroidery machines to wide-area and technologically advanced, we guarantee that there’s something to suit every business. And our expert team will work tirelessly alongside you to ensure that the perfect option is secured. 


We’re Always Here to Help!

At Midwest, we care about your business and are determined to help you equip yourselves properly. Whether it’s a direct to garment printer or industry-leading industrial embroidery machines that you’re looking for, we can always help! 

With that in mind, to help you make smarter business decisions and give you a little further knowledge on which DTG machine is right for your business, we’ve created a comprehensive FREE guide to help. From what DTG is, how it works and machine specifications, it’s all in there for you to take a look at.

We’re just adding the finishing touches to it but it’ll be live VERY soon. In the meantime, why not check out one of our latest guides on choosing the right embroidery machine for your business and industry? Grab your copy today!

Direct to garment printing machine

The Importance of the Right Direct to Garment Printing Machine

An industry-leading direct to garment (DTG) printing machine is vital to the success of your business and the quality of your work. Think about it, if you’re aiming for high-quality results but you haven’t got the equipment to back it up, you’ll likely come up short. And who wants to purchase low-quality products? Nobody. 

So, you need to choose the right one for your business’ needs and requirements. Remember, the machine needs to meet your individual demand for you to create the best results. Just because a machine works wonders for your competitors or other industries, doesn’t mean that it’s going to work for you. 

In this post, we’ll highlight the importance of introducing the right direct to garment machine into your production line. 


We’ll cover: 


Improve Production Line Output

If your production line isn’t backed up with innovative and powerful equipment, it’s likely that your output levels won’t be reaching the potential heights that they could be. Think about it, if you’ve been offering a DTG service for years and running your machine into the ground, signs of wear and tear may be slowing the machine down and reducing your output.

Industry-leading machines are designed to be run all day, every day – they won’t let you down. Therefore, you can welcome new custom and partnerships without hesitation as your business will be best equipped to do so. Knowing that your machine is capable of meeting intense customer demand is always reassuring. 

If you have the top-performing machine in the industry, it’s going to improve your production capacity – FACT. New machines run a lot faster than old ones, plus, you needn’t worry about them making mistakes or throwing errors. There’s a reason why they head the market and that’s because they can help propel your business forwards simply with their introduction. 

A machine that runs more efficiently and quickly means that you can get through jobs a lot faster too. So, with the time that you’re saving per job, you can reinvest this into further production and increase your productivity. In turn, you’ll see profitability rise too.


Ensure High-Quality Standards

When choosing the right direct to garment printing machine, you need to consider the quality of the print from each run. Sure, speed is important and will help increase your capacity. However, if your machine is churning out orders that are filled with errors, it’s only going to slow you down. You need a machine that can turn orders around quickly while constantly delivering high quality. 

High-quality levels should always be a priority for your business. After all, your customers are seeking your service because they want you to do a professional and effective job. So, if you return the order and it’s poor quality and not what they expected, they’re not going to be happy and will more than likely require a refund. Poor quality can cause major problems for your business. 


direct to garment high quality levels


If you’ve introduced a machine that’s constantly delivering poor results, you’re not going to make much money and you’ll establish an unwanted reputation. News travels fast and your brand name will be dragged through the mud if you become well-known for delivering poor quality. This can massively deter any future business and boost your competition. 

That’s why you need the right direct to garment printing machine for your own individual needs and requirements. Take time to consider what your business requires from your DTG machine and don’t rush into a decision – it may cost you!


Reduce Any Avoidable Downtime

If you’re operating with an inadequate machine, you’re likely going to break it with the demand that you’re heaping onto it – especially if you’re operating with a non-commercial DTG machine. If your machine breaks, you’re bound to experience partial or full downtime, which isn’t favourable for your business – particularly if it happens regularly. 

During this period, your business won’t be able to drive revenue, production operations will be down and your productivity will plummet. Plus, that’s not the end of your worries either – you’re going to need to repair or replace the machine. In summary, downtime can cost your business a LOT of money. 

Whereas, if you introduce an industrial direct to garment printing machine, they’re used to being put under a lot of stress. They’re built to be run all day and will maintain a high-quality standard in every job that they do. With that being said, you’re likely to experience far less downtime and can operate at full strength throughout each shift. 

Downtime is a far from ideal situation for any business. Manufacturing businesses are always looking for ways to reduce avoidable downtime. Of course, we can’t help accidents that lead to these periods, however, just by simply introducing the right DTG machine, you’ll see the risk of downtime dramatically reduced. 


Stay Ahead of the Competition

One of the main benefits of DTG is that intricate and finicky designs are created with ease. However, if you’re not using the right machine, the quality of these designs isn’t going to be anything impressive. With that in mind, if you’re failing to deliver impressive DTG results while your competitors are smashing it, it’s going to be them that head up the industry, isn’t it? 

People don’t want to spend their hard-earned money on poorly designed garments. Therefore, if you don’t have the right machine to carry out DTG successfully and to a high standard, you’re going to lose out on a lot of custom. That being said, you need to make sure that you’re using the correct materials and giving your DTG projects every chance of success. 


stay ahead of the competition


With DTG, there are a lot of industries that can be covered. So, you need to make sure that what you’re producing is high-quality – otherwise, you’ll be giving custom straight to your competition. By creating detailed designs that pop and stand out, you’ll be taking your product range to the next level and ensuring you’re always at the top of the game. 

There’s a large opportunity to appeal to a mass audience by being able to provide intricate designs and top-quality products, don’t let yourselves down by not equipping yourselves correctly. 


Equip Yourselves Properly With Midwest!

As you’ve just read, ensuring that you have the right direct to garment printing machine is essential to the success of your business. Without an adequate machine, how can you expect to create amazing results that are going to wow your audience? Quite simply, you can’t! For you to make the most educated decision possible, you need to expand your knowledge on DTG. 

So, to help that, we’ve produced a free guide that covers everything you need to know about DTG and how it can help your business. From what is, how it works and which machines are right for you, it’s all in there for you to learn from. We’re just adding the finishing touches, but it’ll be live shortly. 

In the meantime, it’s not just your DTG machine that you need to ensure is right for you. Your whole equipment inventory should be aligned too. So, why not download our guide that helps you choose the right embroidery machine for you? Grab your copy today!

direct to garment printing uniforms

7 Advantages of Direct to Garment Printing

Direct to garment (DTG) printing is an effective production method that businesses can use to their advantage – providing that they use it correctly, of course. If you’re looking to create popping, vivid and detailed designs that stand out from the rest of the competition, DTG will definitely help you achieve this. 

There are various benefits that DTG can present to businesses. From its flexibility and quick turnaround times to unrivalled quality and environmentally friendliness – to mention a few. If you’re looking to find out more about the extensive list of benefits, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

We’ve compiled a list of seven key benefits that DTG can bring to your business and aid your production line – let’s jump into it!


We’ll cover: 


Short Preparation Time

DTG is the ideal printing method for small and one-off jobs due to the little preparation work that’s necessary for quality printing. Whereas, rival methods, such as screen printing, require a lot of equipment, planning and large volume orders. That way, they’re making it worthwhile going to all that effort for a job. 

With DTG, it doesn’t matter whether you have one garment to print or 20! It’s perfect for small-batch jobs and all you need is the garment, the printer and enough ink for the job. It couldn’t be much simpler – and that’s why there’s a lot of appeal with the printing method. It’s not very often that you don’t have to put a lot of effort in and return a quality product, is it?

Short preparation time allows great leeway for your production line. Therefore, time isn’t wasted constantly setting things up and you can set about your printing right away.


Straightforward Printing Process

With an industry-leading DTG machine, the printing process is incredibly straightforward. Right away, this is appealing to businesses as each team member can easily learn how to operate the machine and run jobs. Therefore, you’re not reliant on a selection of team members to be on-site for your DTG production. 

DTG machines work similarly to your everyday printer – so, if you can operate one of them, you can easily manage DTG printing. The only difference is that you’re printing straight onto garments rather than paper, of course. All garments should be pre-treated with a special liquid to ensure that the ink bonds correctly. 

Once your design has been printed, hold it between a heat press for 90 seconds and you’re all set.


Vibrant and Popping Detailed Designs

DTG is famed for its potential to create amazing designs. Other printing methods, such as screen printing, aren’t the most suitable to enhance intricate and finicky designs. Whereas, DTG will help make these designs pop and stand out from the crowd. People won’t be willing to spend their hard-earned money on designs that lack the correct detail, will they? 


direct to garment printing polo shirts


Clothing garment production is competitive. Think about it, there are thousands of businesses within various industries who produce clothing. So, how are you going to make your products stand out? And are they going to stand out if your design is lacklustre and not very detailed? Probably not. Or, maybe for the wrong reasons.

If you’re looking for designs to jump out of your garments and turn heads, DTG is the way to go.


Unrivalled Quality

Not only is it a quick printing method but a quality one too! DTG works best with garments such as t-shirts and polo shirts – with that in mind, there are various industries that it can be utilised in. Some of these industries are more reliant on top quality than others. For example, professional work uniforms and business personalisation.

If you’re printing intricate logos and fancy typography for personalised uniforms, the quality of print must be top-level, or it’s not going to be well received. Work uniforms should be worn proudly as they’re an advert for the business that they’re working for. Nobody will want to promote their business if the personalisation is low quality.

DTG ensures that high-quality printing is always carried out. Therefore, you can wear your work uniforms with pride and show your audience that you’re a professional and well-established outlet. Not the opposite that poor uniforms will make you out to be. 


Flexible with Different Styles

As we’ve mentioned, there are plenty of industries that DTG can lend its hand to. This is perfect for your business as it means that there are a lot of different markets to explore, which in turn, gives you a broad audience to reach out to. From novelty fashion dress to everyday fashion – and everything in between – DTG can broaden your product offerings. 

It might not be the main printing method that you lead with for your business but it’s a great addition to your services. Personalised t-shirts and other garments are always popular. Whether it’s for stag or hen parties, birthdays or any celebrations, there’s always a demand for them. DTG allows you to welcome these orders to assist your main production efforts. 

Appealing to a broad audience is a great way to expand your business. DTG can allow you to turn your hand at everything! Tread carefully though, don’t try and go too broad with your offerings and lose your core values as a brand. 


Quick Turnaround Times

DTG jobs should only be carried out in small batches – anything over 20 is too large of an order, in our opinion. One of the main advantages is that you can turnaround orders quickly with small DTG orders. Due to the short preparation time and smooth printing process, you can delight your customers with a quick service that doesn’t compromise on quality. 

As buyers, we’re impatient, aren’t we? Think about it, when we’re online shopping, we always want next-day delivery, don’t we? And we always want things to arrive as quickly as possible. Your audience will be no different. Therefore, if you can’t meet demand and are promising below-average turnaround times, you’ll likely miss out on the custom and they’ll look elsewhere. 

Quick turnaround times allow you to improve your productivity rates too. The quicker you can create products, the more orders that you can churn through, right? Improving your team’s productivity is never a bad thing. 


Environmentally Friendly

We should always be conscious of what impact our work is having on the environment. With that in mind, DTG is a lot more environmentally friendly than some of the other printing methods out there. As you print directly onto the garments, it’s very rare that there’s ever mass wastage – reducing your wastage as a business should be a main priority. 


direct to garment environmentally friendly


The whole printing process is automated too. Therefore, it doesn’t use any unnecessary ink. So, while you’re not wasting ink, DTG also proves to be a more cost-efficient printing method too. You maximise the use of the resources that you buy. Again, this will help reduce wastage levels and you’re doing your bit for the environment, for sure. 


Equip Yourself Properly for Amazing Direct to Garment Printing Results!

For direct to garment printing to take full effect, you must have the right equipment in place. After all, you can’t expect groundbreaking results from a bog-standard machine, can you? Having the right machine is super important and ensures that your production line is always firing on all cylinders and creating top-quality products. 

With that in mind, we’ve created a free guide that allows you to explore all things direct to garment printing! From what it is, how it works and how you can use it to your advantage, it’s all in there. Plus, we’ve included machine recommendations – which also includes tips on improving your wider equipment inventory, for example, your industrial embroidery machine. 

It’s almost ready and we’ll put it live as soon as it is! For the time being, continue your reading and download our guide that explains the importance of investing in the right embroidery machine for clothing manufacturers. As we said, it’s not just your DTG machine that has to be on point to be a success. 

direct to garment printing t-shirts

Direct to Garment Printing: A Comprehensive Guide

Direct to garment (DTG) is a popular printing method that’s used for creating striking and detailed prints. It’s the ideal choice for vibrant designs that you want to stand out from the crowd. But what is it? How does it work? How much does it cost? And which products is it best suited to? 

Along with the above-mentioned ones, we know that you’ll have a lot of questions about DTG and how it can help your business. In this post, we’ve covered everything you need to know and the benefits that DTG can bring to your overall operations and service offerings. Plus, we’ve included some inspirational product ideas that you could introduce to your range.


We’ll cover: 


What is Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing?

Without stating the obvious too much, direct to garment printing is the method of applying ink and designs straight onto clothing items and materials. It’s a popular choice with clothing manufacturers due to the convenience of printing, plus, it makes vibrant colours pop and stand out. Therefore, it can separate your designs from the rest of the competition. 

One reason in which DTG is massively popular within the industry is due to the lack of preparation time for each print. In comparison to screen printing in which there’s a large setup time and maximum effort necessary, DTG machinery works like a normal printer. However, instead of paper, you’re printing onto garments instead. 

Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is! This simplicity and ease are perfect for those one-off prints and any bits of ad-hoc work that come in from customers. However, if you’re working on larger projects, we wouldn’t recommend DTG as it isn’t the most suitable for high quantities and can be time-consuming. 

It’s an effective printing method that has no problem getting into the nitty-gritty. Where some printing methods lack in emphasising the finer details, DTG comes into its own. So, if you have designs that have particularly tricky bits or finicky details, you should side with DTG for the best results possible. 


The DTG Process: Explained

DTG printing couldn’t be easier – if you can use an everyday printer, you’re able to print DTG. Of course, the only difference is that you’re printing straight onto garments, rather than paper. The ink is applied straight to the garment, which allows it to soak into the fibres. That way, it prolongs the longevity and durability of the design. 

It doesn’t matter what colour you’d like to print onto either. However, for darker colours, you’ll need to add an extra stage into the process to properly treat the garment. All materials should be treated to prepare them for printing with a special treatment liquid – this helps the ink bond with the fibres of the garment. 


direct to garment t-shirts


From there, the garment should be loaded onto the machine. You must make sure that they’re loaded correctly and are as flat as possible. One wrinkle or misplaced fold could ruin the whole job! DTG is opted for its high-quality prints and your customers won’t be happy if you’ve not achieved this due to a few lazy wrinkles. 

Once loaded, press go and watch your designs come to life! It’s completely automated so you needn’t do anything while the design is printed. Once finished, for best results, hold the garment between a heat press for 90 seconds to help speed up the setting process. And there you have it!


Which Products is DTG Well Suited to?

Colour isn’t an issue when it comes to DTG. You can create striking designs and intricate detail on garments of any colour that you wish, as long as you have the right treatment liquid and ink colours. So, whether you’re looking to create stand out designs on a blank white background or a deep black, there are no limitations to what you can create. 

When we talk about compatibility, it’s the material itself that you need to consider for DTG. For best results, we recommend that you use materials that are between 50-100 percent cotton. Otherwise, the ink won’t bond with the garment correctly and the results may be a little underwhelming – nobody wants that, do they? 

Polo shirts and t-shirts are among the most popular products produced with DTG. They’re both staples of the wardrobe, so you’ll never run the risk of them going out of style. And that’s only if you’re focusing on the fashion industry, these products slot in nicely to a vast range of industries and styles. From work uniforms to novelty fancy dress, there’s plenty of choice for you to be creative. 


How Much Does DTG Cost?

In smaller job sizes, DTG is incredibly cost-efficient for your business. The process from start to finish is relatively quick and low effort, therefore, you can turn small orders round in no time. That means the labour and time cost for each job will be tiny, so depending on your profit margins, you’ll definitely be making a significant mark up on each product. 

The quality that DTG can produce in a short time is unrivalled. This quality allows you to mark up your products accordingly – people will pay a premium for quality products, in essence, this makes DTG an even cheaper choice for your business. It’s definitely beneficial if you use it to your advantage. 

DTG starts becoming expensive for your company when you take on large projects. As each product needs printing separately, any jobs that exceed over 20 products will need a lot of time and effort from one or various members of your team. As a rule, we’d advise that you never exceed over 20 products in one DTG order, it’s just not worth it. 

Getting started with DTG requires an initial investment to purchase the right machine for your needs and requirements. However, the machine is a long-term investment that’ll continue to add value to your production line for years to come. So, while it’s expensive in the short-term, you’ll definitely reap the long-term benefits of DTG. 


The Benefits of DTG Printing

If you’re looking to produce intricate and detailed designs, you shouldn’t look any further than DTG. It’s the perfect method to produce designs that are sure to get you noticed within your industry. Also, it grants you the opportunity to offer custom designs to your audience – this is a great USP that allows you to provide a top-class personalised service. 


direct to garment t-shirt benefits


DTG allows you to save time and money. Other printing methods are so much more long-winded than DTG – this means that you’re not wasting unnecessary time and can reinvest the time saved on the areas of your business that need it the most. That way, you can improve overall productivity and help drive your business forwards. 

DTG is also environmentally and eco-friendly. Due to the focus on printing small batches, it means that waste is reduced and minimum power is required. Therefore, this allows you to be savvy with your materials and ink – which, in turn, benefits the environment due to the lack of wasted products. It’s far more efficient than other printing methods. 


Equip Yourselves Properly With Midwest!

Direct to garment is a massively effective printing method that your business can take advantage of – however, you must be equipped properly to produce the best results. Otherwise, you’re going to end up with lacklustre products that aren’t going to be of any use to anyone – and you’ll have wasted time, effort and money. 

By equipping yourselves correctly, you’re putting yourselves in the best position to succeed as a business. And that doesn’t just go for your DTG machines either – product manufacturing companies must have the right industrial embroidery machine too that is capable of meeting their customer demands. 

So that you can make smarter decisions when equipping your business, we’ve put together a FREE guide on DTG. It’s the only direct to garment guide that you’ll ever need – so, be sure to bookmark it and file it easily for reference.

We’re just adding the finishing touches to it – but it’ll be live shortly! In the meantime, why not check out our guide on the right industrial embroidery machine for you? As we said, it’s not just your DTG machine that needs to be on point. Grab your copy today!

The Importance of Live Reporting for Your Operations

Live reporting is essential for monitoring the performance of your machinery and overall business. If you’re not analysing your performance, how do you know whether you’re performing at an optimum level or not? Quite simply, you don’t!

If you’re not carrying out any analysis, it’s likely that you’re not reaching your full potential or improving. Making blind business decisions may lead you down the wrong path. Whereas, if you’re carefully analysing your performance, you can make more intelligent decisions which will best position your business for success. 

If you’re unsure about live reporting and the different ways in which it can benefit your business, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This post will explore everything you need to know and how you can use live reporting systems and metrics to your advantage. 


We’ll cover: 


Keep Track of Productivity

Within manufacturing and embroidery, productivity is a key area that team managers are always looking to improve. Whether that’s getting more out of their workforce or their machinery. With that in mind, to calculate their current productivity levels, they’ll need to look at core reports and metrics to see which areas can be improved or need more resources.

Think about it, if you’re wanting more from your workforce, how do you know whether they’ve got the capacity to do so if you’re not analysing the live reports? You could be forcing more work on their plates without knowing that they’re already stacked in the first place. Or, how do you know that your team are putting their all in and aren’t taking it easy? You need to track it. 

Productivity is everything. You can see whether your team is working hard to keep on track to meet tight deadlines. Or, whether they need to up their game and put a bit more in. You can also see whether your machines are being productive enough, or do you need another one to cope with demand a little better? 


Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Once you’ve started tracking your live reporting, you can account for the actions of every team member within each job. If you notice that they’re slacking a little and could be working more productively, this is an opportunity for you to improve your overall team efficiency. If they start working harder, your efficiency, output and profitability will rise. 



If you’re constantly paying a monthly wage when your team isn’t putting in the hard yards to meet deadlines, this will increase costs for the business. You’re paying a premium rate for less work, so live reporting can help you improve the efficiency of your workers and reduce the cost per project – in relation to wages, of course. 

Are your team constantly making mistakes? Or is your machine throwing regular errors that are affecting your overall production? If either of these keeps happening, it’s going to increase your overall costs as a business. With live reporting, you can note where the issues are coming from and act accordingly to rectify them. 


Forecast Output and Capacity

When forecasting and setting your business goals, without knowing your performance figures, how can you set realistic KPIs for your team to achieve in the next quarter or year? Quite simply, you can’t. Going in blind will either leave you going in too small with your goals or too large.

Setting unrealistic goals can be detrimental to your workforce. Make them too easy and your team may relax and take it easy. Whereas make them too hard to achieve, it may cause your team to become unmotivated and feel like they’re not making any progress. Both are bad situations for your business to be in. 

Live reporting will allow you to see how many jobs you normally complete and how many you have the ability to complete too. Therefore, you can set realistic goals, plus, see if your team is over/under capacity. From there, you can make smart recruitment decisions on how to drive your business towards your overall objectives and goals. 


Analyse the Performance of Your Embroidery Machine

Just as your team needs to be performing, so does your equipment. Your team could be giving their all, however, if they’re not supported with the right equipment, they could be set up to fail before they’ve even started. The performance of your industrial embroidery machine is pivotal to the success of your business and the quality of your products. 

If your machines aren’t performing properly, you’re not reaching the potential that you’re capable of doing so. Live reporting breaks down the performance of your embroidery machine to see which areas it’s excelling in, which need improvement and how much further you can push your machine. Without live reporting, you’d have no idea of how your machine was performing. 

You may be wanting to grow your business, but how do you know whether your current level of machinery can handle the increased demand without analysis? You don’t. Live reporting breaks this down for you perfectly so that you can make smarter decisions on whether your equipment is best positioning or failing your production line. 


Check Whether You Need to Upgrade Your Machinery

As we’ve just mentioned, live reporting allows you to see exactly how your machinery is performing. So, is capacity and output massively outweighing the potential of your machinery? If so, you can use this data to justify the decision of upgrading your machine. Not upgrading your machine when necessary can have detrimental effects on your overall business. 


midwest upgrade your machine


If customers are having to wait a lot longer for their orders just because your embroidery machine can’t cope, they’re not going to be happy. Naturally, humans are impatient and there’s a lot of competition on the market. Therefore, if you’re requiring them to wait weeks or months for their orders, they’ll simply find another supplier that can get it to them a lot quicker. 

Your machine could be throwing errors during their embroidery process, however, if you don’t check the live reports, you won’t see which errors are disrupting your operations. Live reports can help identify which maintenance service needs carrying out on a machine or whether you could benefit from investing in a new one or not. 


Choose the Right Equipment For Your Business

Live reporting can have a major effect on your business’ performance – one thing that it highlights is whether you have the right equipment or not. To save you the time on analysing whether you’ve got the right equipment or not, Midwest is here to ensure that you invest in the right industrial embroidery machine straight off the bat. 

We care about your business and improving the overall quality of the embroidery machine. Our HappyJapan machines are industry-leading and all come fitted with live reporting systems as a standard. You can rely on HappyJapan machines to get the job done – first time and every time. But you must have the right one to get the most out of time – FACT. 

So, to ensure that you can make smart decisions when choosing the right one for your needs and requirements, we’ve created a free guide that includes everything you need to know. From machine specifics, best-suited industries and main benefits that you can take advantage of – it’s all in there. 

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Artificial Intelligence (AI): New Technology to Help Your Growing Embroidery Production Line

If your production line is going to lead the industry, you need to ensure that you’re implementing the most technologically advanced machinery. That way, you can continue to provide high-quality products and easily meet rising consumer demands. If you’re not using the latest technology, you run the risk of being left behind by your competitors.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been introduced into industrial embroidery machines – particularly the HappyJapan HCU Series. And it’s proving very popular within the industry – unsurprisingly. But what is it? How does it work? And how can it benefit your business? Don’t worry if you’re not sure, we’ve got you covered. 

In this post, we’ll run through: 



What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence (AI) aims to increase the use of automation across machinery. It concentrates on the tasks that usually need human interaction and intelligence to complete and looks at where they can automate this – by letting the intelligent machine do the work. That way, you can focus your productivity in other areas of the business. 

For example, we’ve all been lumbered with a tedious task that’s mind-numbingly boring before, haven’t we? Well, what if you could take that burden away from somebody and replace them with functionality for the machine to carry out that task itself? That’s what AI is. 


midwest artificial intelligence


From there, the “unlucky” person doesn’t have to endure the task and lend themselves to something more important. So, you can say goodbye to operating machines that require pressing a button every so often and hello to getting the most out of your workforce. Introducing AI-led machines can improve your overall productivity levels.

Of course, AI doesn’t mean that you can lay off all your team members and replace them with robots – not yet anyway. You’ll still need team members for quality assurance and other key tasks. Plus, some tasks you just can’t automate. That’s the beauty of AI, they can save you time and provide a useful lending hand.


How Does AI Work Within Industrial Embroidery Machines?

If you’re required to constantly monitor your industrial embroidery machines while they operate, that means that members of your team aren’t really doing that much. Sure, it’s an important job as it’s necessary to check that everything is running smoothly and keep projects moving forward and progressing. 

However, is this role actually needed? Or could it be aptly replaced with a machine that incorporates AI technology? That way, it saves the person having to stand over the machine and monitor it and jobs can be automated. If these jobs can be completed without needing close management, your team can concentrate on other more important tasks. 

While you’ll still need to load materials into the machine, AI can help with preset jobs. So, you don’t have to enter the job specifics every time and can speed up the process. AI allows you to take a back seat when it comes to producing your designs, so you can be confident that your machine will get the job done – every time. 


How Can AI Help Your Production Line?

AI saves time and that’s exactly what you need for your production line. Time is money when you’re dealing with customers and if you can turn your orders around quicker while upholding high-quality standards, that can open up a world of benefits for your business. Firstly, you’ll increase your capacity, therefore, you can welcome new clients. 

Secondly, your quality standards will undoubtedly rise and fewer mistakes may be made. Since you’re removing human interaction from production, you’re also removing any chance of human error happening. That being said, errors may still naturally happen – but they’re less likely and less often. 

Furthermore, your productivity levels are likely to rise and improve your overall efficiency too. If tasks are being automated, it takes them off somebody’s plate, doesn’t it? Therefore, they have more time to focus their efforts on supporting the areas of the business that need it the most – rather than wasting a lot of time needing to press start and preset designs. 

This will improve your overall efficiency and profitability. If you’re getting more out of your team members, you’re getting more value from their monthly wage. That way, you’re effectively reducing costs, reducing the chance of any wasted capital and improving your profitability. The overall business can massively benefit from AI technology. 


Which AI Machine is Best Suited to Your Needs?

HappyJapan HCU Series

The HCU Series is an industry-leading single-head machine that is the perfect entry-level industrial embroidery machine. It’s perfect for startup businesses and small ones too. If your customer demands aren’t too great in volume, a single-head machine is the perfect investment to help churn out those orders.

It’s small and compact – but don’t underestimate the value that it can have to your production line. AI technology takes this machine to the next level. Automated tasks help lend your team an extra pair of hands when they need it the most. This can come in handy at any time of the year but in particular during busy seasons and periods.



The HCU Series can also slot into larger production lines nicely. Accompanied by a multi-head or high-speed machine, it can help bolster your output and overall productivity. That way, in busy times, you can call upon your single-head machine to help churn out those all-important orders while keeping standards high. 

It’s main features are:

  • Colour LCD touch screen control panel.
  • Single-head 15 colours.
  • Maximum speed 1500 SPM.
  • Tubular Embroidery Area: 400 x 600mm / 400 x 1200mm.
  • Low-profile cap frame (option): 67 x 180mm.
  • Wide cap frame (option): 67 x 290mm.
  • Free PC connection software.
  • LAN and USB network port.
  • USB memory stick port. 
  • Built-in 100 small designs.
  • Easy threading.
  • Take-up lever safety guard.


Find Out More About Industrial Embroidery Machines Right For You!

Having the right industrial embroidery machine is crucial to the success of your production line. So, if you’re unsure of where to start looking – we’ve got you covered. We understand that it can be a little tricky knowing which one suits your needs and requirements and that’s why we’re here to help. 

If you’d like to find out more about the perfect machine for your business, please don’t hesitate to download our free guide today! We’ve covered everything you need to know from specific product features to how each machine can slot into different environments. It’s all in there for you to benefit from!

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3 Perfect Industrial Embroidery Machines For Cap Embroidery

Cap embroidery is massively popular with embroidery businesses. After all, caps are an everyday clothing staple and aren’t likely to go out of fashion any time soon. Due to their versatility, they can be adapted to suit the tastes of different fashion senses and personal preferences. 

As they’re always in fashion, it means that there’s a constant demand for them. So, to make sure that your business is effective in churning out high-quality products time after time, you need to have the right equipment in place. The introduction of an industrial embroidery machine is necessary if you’re going to achieve and exceed your forecasted goals. 

But which industrial embroidery machine is perfect for cap embroidery? And which model is best suited to your business’ individual needs and requirements? We’ll explain all in this post so that you can make smarter investments to help drive your business forwards. 


We’ll cover: 


HappyJapan HCU Series

The HCU Series is the most technologically advanced machine on the market. It’s a powerful single-head machine that can produce incredible results. It’s the leading machine within the industry and the only model that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology when running the machine. 



With the introduction of this technology, you can streamline your internal processes and improve the efficiency of your production line. No longer are you required to monitor the machine at all times to ensure that the job is carried out perfectly – your previous cap jobs will be remembered, therefore, you can press go and see your cap designs come to life. 

The HCU Series is compact, yet don’t underestimate the power that it can generate. This machine will have no problem churning out order after order to ensure that your customer demands can be met. Plus, you don’t have to worry about quality being compromised with speed, this machine is proven to help achieve groundbreaking results. 

With that in mind, you can be certain that if you’re a small business, a startup or have a small customer base, this is the perfect machine for you. That way, you can introduce your cap designs to the market and ensure that your products are always high quality. 

It’s main features are: 

  • Colour LCD touch screen control panel.
  • Single-head 15 colours.
  • Maximum speed 1500 SPM.
  • Tubular Embroidery Area: 400x600mm / 400x1200mm.
  • Low-profile cap frame (option): 67x180mm.
  • Wide cap frame (option): 67x290mm.
  • Free PC connection software.
  • LAN and USB network port.
  • USB memory stick port.
  • Built-in 100 small designs.
  • Easy threading.
  • Take up lever safety guard.
  • Automatic thread trimmer.
  • Automatic colour change.


HappyJapan HCR3-1504E

Once your business starts to grow, you’re going to need the extra capacity to deal with increasing customer demands. If you’re trying to grow your business while just using a single-head machine, you’re limiting what your business can produce and won’t be achieving your maximum potential. 

So, you’re going to need to add more machine heads to your overall production line. That way, you can double, triple, quadruple or multiply your capacity even more! Think about it, the more heads that you have on your machines, the more caps that you can embroider at the same time. This saves so much time and frees up room to welcome new and larger jobs. 


Cap embroidery multi head machines


Multi-head embroidery machines are necessary if you want to achieve minimum turnaround times but maximum results. During busy periods, simply telling your customers that you’re busy and they’ll have to wait for their orders to be fulfilled isn’t an option. People are impatient and there’s plenty of competition to choose from within the cap embroidery market should you not meet their needs and requirements. 

We’ve chosen this 4-headed HappyJapan machine as a natural progression up from a single-head. Sure, it’s a big step but you must be positive with your investment. Plus, think of the money that you’ll save when it comes to further invest. As you grow, you’d easily start to outgrow a 2 or 3-headed machine, so why not future proof your business for the next few years?

It’s main features are:

  • 10.4-inch colour LCD touch screen control panel.
  • Multi-head 15 colours.
  • Maximum speed: 1000 SPM.
  • Maximum flat embroidery size: 450 x 500mm (360mm).
  • Tubular Embroidery Area: 420 x 440mm.
  • Low-profile cap frame (option): 70 x 180 mm.
  • Wide cap frame (option): 80 x 360 mm.
  • Free PC connection software.
  • Machine memory: 40,000,000 Stitches – Up to 250 designs can be saved.
  • USB and LAN network port.
  • Automatic thread trimmer.
  • Automatic colour change.


HappyJapan HCR3-1512

For large national and international businesses, this 12-headed HappyJapan machine is perfect for all of your cap embroidery needs. At this point, your business will be experiencing demand like never before and order volumes will be through the roof. With that in mind, you need to be working at your most efficient and ensure you maximise your productivity. 


multi-head cap embroidery machine


This 12-headed powerhouse can embroider up to 12 caps at a time! Which means that you can have orders turned around in no time. These machines are designed to be run all day and they have no problem doing so. They’re durable and their lifecycle is long, meaning that you’ll have no issues with working this machine as hard as possible. 

The sheer speed of this machine is incredibly impressive. So, if you need to slot in a quick order for a loyal customer to add extreme value or you want to offer a super-express service, this machine allows you to do so. Plus, although it’s lightning-fast, you can be sure that the quality of work produced is always the highest standard possible. 

So, if you have an expansive customer database, you needn’t worry about not fulfilling their needs and expectations. You can guarantee that your caps will be of incredible quality and you’ll establish a favourable reputation within the industry. 

It’s main features are: 

  • 10.4-inch colour LCD touch screen control panel.
  • Multi-head 15 colours.
  • Maximum speed: 1200 SPM.
  • Maximum flat embroidery size: 450 x 500mm (360mm).
  • Tubular embroidery area: 420 x 440mm.
  • Low-profile cap frame (option): 70 x 180 mm. 
  • Wide cap frame (option): 80 x 360 mm.
  • Free PC connection software.
  • Machine memory: 40,000,000 Stitches – Up to 250 designs can be saved.
  • USB and LAN network port.
  • Automatic thread trimmer.
  • Automatic colour change.


Choose the Perfect HappyJapan Machine For Your Business!

So, you’ve seen the ideal machine recommendations for small, medium and large businesses – now it’s time for you to take the plunge and purchase the best machine that encompasses your needs and requirements. Think carefully around this one though, it’s a huge decision and requires a level of investment that you won’t want to go to waste. 

If you’re not completely convinced with the machine recommendations that we’ve given, we’ve got the perfect resource for you! We’ve put together a FREE guide that highlights everything you need to know about buying the perfect HappyJapan for your business. Please don’t hesitate to grab your copy today!

cap embroidery machine types

Cap Embroidery: Which Machine Type Should I Use?

Cap embroidery is an area in which businesses can explore different styles and take advantage of the latest trends. They’re a staple in fashion and various other industries, so caps are a perfect product for businesses to incorporate into their repertoire. 

Businesses must equip themselves properly to be able to carry out cap embroidery effectively – after all, you need the right machinery to be able to carry out advanced designs and keep up with customer demands too. With that in mind, a specific cap embroidery machine or industrial embroidery machine is a necessity.

But which one is right for you? And which type of industrial embroidery machine would suit your business the most? Don’t worry if you’re not sure, this post will outline everything you need to consider so that you can make a smarter decision when choosing the ideal machine for your business’ needs. 


We’ll cover: 


What is Cap Embroidery?

Without stating the obvious too much, cap embroidery is the process of embroidering designs, lettering, patterns and more onto caps and headwear. It’s very popular with most embroidery businesses because caps never go out of fashion. Even though, some styles prove more popular than others throughout the year. 

Cap embroidery is extremely versatile and the freedom in design that you’re exposed to is amazing. You can take sub-standards materials and products and put your own spin on things, that way, your customers and the wider-industry will instantly recognise that those caps have been produced by you. 

Providing a custom cap embroidery service allows you to widen your target market boundaries – if you can create anything on your caps, you appeal to everybody, don’t you? From inspirational quotes, cool designs or acknowledgement of popular sports teams, people have their individual preferences of what they like their hats to display.

Caps can easily slot into various fashion styles – which means that they’re an incredible item to appeal to a mass market. There are different styles and trends developing at all times, so you need to be on the ball with the latest “in things” within the industry. That way, you can be recognised as an industry leader and the “go-to business” for all things caps.


The Importance of Having the Right Machine

Within the embroidery industry, if you’re not well prepared it’s likely that you’re not going to maximise your potential for success. It’s also likely you have huge expectations and dreams for your business, however, if you don’t equip yourself properly, you’ll possibly fail to achieve these. 

You must invest in the right equipment so that you can produce high-quality and industry-leading embroidered products. Without the right equipment, you’re going to be compromising quality. High-technology machines are programmed to run quickly and maintain incredible quality standards – investing in one is definitely the smart decision. 


Cap embroidery machine HappyJapan


Whereas, poor quality machines may be able to turn orders around quickly, but you’ll probably see an inconsistency in quality and your results. When you’ve got a backlog of orders and are in the middle of a busy period of the year, poor quality products can cripple your business. This will lead to disgruntled customers, wasted time and a poor reputation.

Poor reputations are hard to overturn – you don’t want to be known as the business who’ll likely get orders wrong, do you? By having the right equipment in place you can solidify your spot at the top of the industry, increase your overall capacity and output and improve your overall operations – it’s a winner all round. 


Single-Head Industrial Embroidery Machines

Single-head machines are the perfect cap embroidery machine for startups and small businesses. If you’re only dealing with a small client and customer base, you don’t need a huge machine that’s going to require a much larger investment and premises to house it – do you? Especially when the industry-leading single-head machines are advanced and high powered.

They’re the perfect entry-level machine. Firstly, they’re the cheapest price point on the market, so the initial investment risk is a lot less. Therefore, should you decide to take the leap into cap embroidery and realise it’s not for you, you’ll have minimised the potential hit. However, we prefer to look at it as a much cheaper way of producing amazing products to propel your success levels. 

They’re compact and portable, therefore, they can be moved around and you can embroider while you’re on-the-go. That way, your production never has to stop just because you’re away from the machine. Whether you’re at home, in work or wherever you’d like to take the machine, there needn’t be any roadblocks to your production. 

Single-head industrial embroidery machines are perfect for producing amazing cap embroidery results. They’re highly technologically advanced, so you can be sure that your results will outperform your competitors. Plus, they’re proven to work at high speeds while maintaining the highest of standards. 


Multi-Head Industrial Embroidery Machines

One drawback to single-head machines is that you can only embroider one cap at a time – if you only have one machine, that is. However, with an industrial multi-head machine, you can embroider up to 12 caps at a time – and everything in between too. They’re the perfect machine for growing businesses that need to keep up with customer demands.

As with all embroidery businesses, you’re going to have periods of the year that are going to boom. With that in mind, you need to be well prepared for busy periods so that you can turn orders around quick enough to still appeal to potential customers. If somebody is told that their order can’t be processed for weeks due to you being too busy, they’re going to look elsewhere. 


Cap embroidery multi head machines


Multi-head machines add great capacity and output to your business. That way, you can smash through busy periods without turning customers away! Plus, you can welcome extra business to continue growing your company and hitting your overall goals and objectives. Most importantly, these machines can work quickly while maintaining incredibly high standards.

While multi-head machines are a larger investment than single-heads, they’re necessary for growing businesses. If you’re relying on single-heads to produce all of your products, you’re putting too much pressure on them and limiting your output. Take the stress off your machines and increase the scope to double, triple, quadruple (and more) your output and productivity levels. 


Choose the Right Machine For Your Business!

As we’ve established, single-heads and multi-heads are the perfect cap embroidery machines for your business – but you must choose the right one for your individual needs. Unfortunately, there’s no blueprint or one-size-fits-all approach that works for all businesses, if only it was that easy. You need to think carefully about your individual needs and requirements.

Think about it, if you end up with the wrong machine for your business, it could end up being unproductive and your investment may turn out to be wasted, leaving you to invest in another machine. Therefore, you must choose the right one to help drive your business in the right direction. 

It’s normal for you to be a little overwhelmed when thinking about the machine that’s perfect for your needs but that’s why we’re here! We’ve put together a comprehensive FREE guide that explains everything you need to know about industrial embroidery machines and the right one for you. Find out more today!

multi-head cap embroidery machine

5 Cool Cap Embroidery Business Ideas to “Peak” Your Interest

Baseball cap embroidery is a cool way to keep staple accessories looking sharp and help your products stand out from your competition. If there’s one way to put your spin on things, it’s embroidering unique designs across your product range to ensure that nobody else can replicate your style. 

Plus, caps aren’t just a fashion accessory. Sure, when you’re out and about, you’ll likely see the majority of people wearing them in line with their fashion sense. However, they’re multi-purpose. Think about it, sports teams, clubs, societies, businesses and more all use caps for a variety of reasons. 

Caps are extremely versatile. With that in mind, we’ve handpicked five of our favourite cap embroidery business ideas to help inspire your latest product range and drive those all-important sales.


We’ll cover: 


Fashionable Designs and Objects

Caps never go out of fashion – FACT. While there may be times where different styles are more popular than others, it’s worth noting that caps never go out of style. And the beauty of that is that they’re so adaptable with the times too. Of course, fashion moves quickly, so your designs need to adapt to this too. 

You need to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends – if you want to be the popular “go-to” choice within the industry, that is. Otherwise, you’re going to be known as the business who’s late to the party. Or, the company that’s still trying to sell yesterday’s hottest trends when nobody wants that anymore. 

If you can uncover the latest trend early and start producing your own fashionable caps, there’s a good chance that you’ll likely do well. For example, in recent years, Dsquared2 has been killing the cap game. Although they’re not everybody’s cup of tea, there’s no escaping their trucker-style caps on Instagram and in the street. 



Image Credit: Dsquared2


They produce a wide range of caps and headwear with large embroidered designs on them. The vast array of styles allow people to think that their cap is unique. They’re massive and have stayed in style for several years now – that’s the beauty of latching onto a trend early and making it your own. 


Favourite and Inspirational Quotes

Quotes are a great baseball cap embroidery idea – but why? Well, there are many angles that quotes on caps can be targeted at. Firstly, the simple embroidery of an understated quote on a cap can round off a look nicely. For fashion-based products, quotes are often serious and uplifting, as opposed to something that can be taken lightly. 

But that’s another great option for quotes on caps – the fancy dress and novelty market. Whether it’s somebody’s favourite line from a classic film or the style that can easily be paired with an outfit for a fancy dress party, funny quotes on caps can be used in various ways. They’re a sure-fire way to turn heads in the street and bring a smile to people’s faces. 

Quotes on caps are incredibly popular – it’s a way that people can easily express themselves and create a garment that means a lot to them. Perhaps they have a mantra that they live their life by and want to reflect it in their outfit? Or, they have a saying that means a lot to them and want it always to be with them – personalising a cap with it is an easy way to do so. 

It’s common to see quotes and sayings on t-shirts as the main design point – so why not try this out on caps and appeal to a wide target audience? 


Sports Teams and Clubs

Sports teams and clubs around the world all have their own merchandise and team wear. In fact, in plenty of sports, baseball caps are a part of the on-field uniform. With that in mind, people want to show their support and association with sports clubs in any way that they can. A cap is an accessory that can be easily paired with most outfits for you to still show your colours. 

From football to netball – and everything in between – you’ll find that caps are a huge part of their team wear. For example, while footballers themselves don’t wear caps on the field (except for keepers now and again when the sun’s out), you’ll still see the manager and the coaching staff with personalised caps and headwear on. 

People want to emulate their sporting heroes. Plus, show their support in any way that they can. Sports teams and clubs are a great idea for your business to look into – however, make sure you do it legally and don’t undercut any legislation in place. When done right, it’s the perfect opportunity. 

SnapBacks and fitted caps have been a huge part of fashion for many years now – especially in the USA. Think back to Ice Cube and NWA in the 1980s – you’d never see them without an LA Raiders branded cap rounding off their outfits. And things haven’t changed, they’re still an iconic part of a lot of people’s fashion sense. 



Image Credit: Hip Hop Golden Age


Business Names and Logos

A lot of businesses wear caps as part of their everyday uniform – and this spans across a wide range of industries too. A lot of businesses within the food and drink industry are required to wear caps for health and safety and food hygiene reasons – it’s either a cap or exposing a not so flattering hair net when serving customers! 

Rather than wearing plain caps, businesses would prefer for them to be branded and personalised in line with the business’ recognisable branding and uniform. Otherwise, it won’t look as professional and won’t leave the same impression on their customers. Plus, branded uniforms empower the employee and make them feel part of the team. 

For example, imagine you’ve just started in a new position and everybody has a branded cap except for you – that’s not very welcoming, is it? Are you not worthy of representing the business or something? Whereas, if you’re all wearing the exact same uniform, it’s a level playing field and it’s clear that you’re one of the team. 

Helping businesses with their overall uniform as well as their cap embroidery is a great opportunity for your embroidery business. As long as businesses continue to open, they’re going to need uniforms. So, it’s not a market that’ll ever die out and one there’ll always be a constant demand for. 


Universities, Societies and Clubs

When walking around campus at university, you’ll no doubt notice the different societies and clubs being represented in many ways. Most commonly, these are represented through clothing and accessories. Hoodies, bags and caps are all popular ways to show off which society and club that you belong to. 


Oxford University Baseball Cap Embroidery

Image Credit: Amazon


And if it’s not a particular society or club, there’ll likely be a lot of university-based merchandise and clothing on show too. People like to feel a part of something – especially at university when they’re moving away from their families for the first time in their lives. Something as simple as wearing a hoodie or cap to show a sense of belonging, can make people feel extremely at ease. 

At university, the list of societies and clubs is ever-growing and evolving. There’s so much going on – and that’s amazing news for you! As we’ve said, these societies like to have their own branded merchandise and clothing. The more societies that pop up and are born, the more potential customers you have! Targeting these areas is a great business area for you.


Equip Your Embroidery Business Properly to Maximise Success

It’s all well and good having the perfect business ideas but if you’re not well equipped enough, they’ll never make it out of the ideas phase. With cap embroidery, you’ve got to measure customer demand and account for incredibly busy periods of the year. So, you’re going to need a setup that can easily turnaround orders without any compromise on quality. 

A vital part of this setup is an industrial embroidery machine. They’re incredibly important to businesses and can be the difference between turning away custom and welcoming more orders. They’re designed to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes, plus, meet a vast array of different budgetary requirements too. 

For more information on how an industrial embroidery machine can help drive your business forwards, please download our FREE guide today!

midwest vs brother

Speed Comparison: HappyJapan vs Brother

When you have a superior product in the marketplace, it can be so frustrating when competitor brands miss-sell their product as equivalent to yours. Especially when there’s no evidence to support their claims. Business owners, marketers and salespeople reading this will understand all too well.

Many manufacturers sell commercial machines masquerading as industrial to customers who don’t know any better (which is fine, education is important). But then the end-user sets up their machine within an industrial production line and quickly realises that they’ve invested their budgets in commercial machinery that’s not fit for purpose.

So, here at Midwest, we’ve decided to combat this lack of education of the end-user (again, not your fault) by being straightforward and transparent with you all. With that in mind, this post and supporting video will compare HappyJapan machines with Brother – another brand on the market that specialises in commercial embroidery and sewing machines. 


The Experiment

Within the embroidery industry, businesses have worked hard to create industrial production lines that require quick turnaround times and uncompromised quality. So, the speed of your embroidery machine is vitally important. Strictly speaking, the more stitches per minute (SPM) – the better. 

HappyJapan values machine speed at its core. From single-heads to wide-area embroidery machines, you can see that speed is valued throughout their whole range. So, we’ve set up a speed comparison to see how they compare with other machines in the industry when performing. 

We gathered examples of all the HappyJapan ranges, from the multi-head range to the single-head range. We even threw in a variety of machines from each price band. 

We then put these machines in a room with a Brother ‘Embroidery Machine’, pulled up a standard ‘Bee’ design, and set them all running at the same time to see how long it would take to finish the whole job. There were no other variables introduced into play. 

We wanted to see how truly behind these commercial machines were in terms of speed and accuracy. 

What we found is pretty astounding. Take a look!



The Results

As you can see, with all variables the same, on the same design, here are the project time results:

1st: The HappyJapan HCU Series – 5:26:19 – That’s 5 minutes, 26 seconds.

2nd: The HappyJapan HCD3-1501 – 6:48:61 – That’s 6 minutes, 48 seconds.

3rd: The HappyJapan HCR3-1506 – 7:6:42 – That’s 7 minutes, 6 seconds.

4th: The HappyJapan HCS2-1201 – 8:5:16 – That’s 8 minutes, 5 seconds.

5th: The HappyJapan HCHP-701 – 8:7:18 – That’s 8 minutes, 7 seconds.

And a far off last place: The Brother PR60E – 11:4:08 – That’s 11 minutes, 4 seconds.

The results speak for themselves. All HappyJapan machines in the experiment were quicker than the Brother alternative. We like to base our statements and comments on cold, hard facts – that way, they can’t be argued with and are totally unbiased. 

If we compare the HCU Series, our premiere single-head machine, with the competitor Brother single head machine, that’s more than double the lead time per job. That’s a big saving for your business – this time can then be reinvested elsewhere within the business into areas that need it the most. 

Just think how this could affect your production line every month? You could see increased productivity, output capacity, profitability, quality – the list goes on! All that can be achieved by implementing the right equipment and finding the perfect embroidery machine that suits your business’ needs and requirements. 

We’re passionate that the HappyJapan range is the best in the industry for durability, quality and turnaround times – that’s why we’re prepared to put our necks on the line and put it to the test. We believe that our customers (both potential and existing) should be investing in machinery that provides unmatched value to their business – and that’s what you get with HappyJapan. 


Save Your Business Wasted Money


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Now you’ve seen the real evidence, it’s time to make the right choice based on your business’ requirements. In order to reap the benefits of adding an industrial embroidery machine to your production line, you need to make sure that you choose the right one. You can’t pick any old machine and expect groundbreaking results – it doesn’t work like that. 

Don’t worry if you’re not sure about where to start – that’s where we come in. At Midwest, we help all of our customers find the machine that suits them the most. From output capacity to budgetary requirements, there’s a lot to consider. However, we allow FREE trial periods on all of our range, so that you can make smarter business decisions a lot easier. 

Now we’ve shown you why to choose our brand, you might be wondering which type of machine is right for you? Well, we even have a resource for that! Check out our handy guide to the right of this blog for a rundown of the HappyJapan machines we recommend for each stage of your business journey, along with helpful tips on when it’s best to upgrade from your current machinery!