When it comes to choosing a used industrial embroidery machine, you need to be able to have full trust in who you’re buying it from. 

After all, your embroidery machine is one of the most important assets to the success of your business, so you’re going to want to ensure that it’s the right one for you. 

You may feel that buying used machines is a waste, as the people who’ve sold them have had it’s best years out of it. However, you’d be wrong. 

Buying used machines is an alternative way of getting the equipment you require for a cheaper price point. Obviously, there are poor versions and poorly looked after models in the used market and you want to stay well clear of these. Especially if you approach an untrusted buyer, that is.

This post will show how Midwest can help you and your business. Plus, it’ll display the range of used industrial embroidery machines that we have on offer too.


Check Out Our Range of Used Industrial Embroidery Machines

Barudan 4 Head Embroidery Machine


Used Industrial Embroidery Machine


Irrespective of size, Barudan products suit every kind of business. Renowned for extreme precision and high-quality production, this machine is one of Barudan’s most popular products and it’s easy to see why. 

Some of the main features include: 

  • Machine dimensions: 122 x 29 (inches)
  • Number of needles: 15
  • Max speed: 1000 stitches per minute (SPM)
  • Design input: USB
  • Flat sewing field: 17.72 x 20.47 (inches)
  • Cap sewing field: 2.95 x 14.17 (inches)
  • Operation box: LED Control Panel


Happy Japan HCR 1508


This large embroidery machine is rigid and large in appearance, suitable for your larger embroidery jobs that require a wider area to work with. Not only does it allow for larger jobs, but it also allows you to work on thicker, stronger materials like leather. 

The material you’re working with might change, but the quality of your work certainly won’t. This large machine also reduces vibrations and noise, which again allow for the best possible quality when working. 

Other main features include: 

  • Number of heads: 8
  • Number of needles: 15
  • Embroidery area: 17.71 x 14.17 (inches)
  • Thread control system
  • Maximum output: 40,000,000 stitches
  • Multilingual operation


Happy Japan 1206


midwest embroidery machine


For the highest quality embroidery, the Happy Japan 1206 has 3 different modes for you to choose from. The flat, cylinder and cap sewing modes are the perfect range to choose from should you be needing to work with different materials.

The embroidery machine is incredibly user-friendly and connects up with the editing software super easily. Plus, it’s big construction style means that businesses can get the maximum utilisation from their sewing fields. 

Other key features are:

  • Number of heads: 6
  • Number of needles: 12
  • Maximum speed: 900 SPM
  • Field area: 17.71 x 14.17 (inches)
  • Memory: 259,000 stitches 

These are just three of the main bestsellers that we currently have in stock, to see the full range – click here


Here’s What Our Customers Have Said

Going above and beyond for our customers is something that at Midwest we’re seriously passionate about. We strongly believe in providing the best customer service to complement our wide range of impressive industrial embroidery machines. 


wimbledon embroidery midwest


“Our second-hand 6 head machine was delivered on time within the week as promised. Nothing was too much for the engineers. Even moving my existing 6 head machine to make a little more room.

There are many machinery suppliers out there, but not many like Midwest appreciate how valuable time and having a working machine when you need it is. There’s only been one occasion in 3 years when I’ve had an issue with a machine, and the team were there the next day to get us back up and running in no time.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these machines and Midwest to my fellow colleagues within the industry.” 

Mark Robinson, Director of Stitch-It.


Why Choose Midwest?

midwest logo

First of all, our reputation speaks for itself. Over the last two decades, we’ve worked hard to build an enviable relationship that our clients can trust.

Our area of expertise isn’t just in sales either, but also after-sales support and an all-round top service. 

As the UK’s leading embroidery machine distributors and proudly the only stockist of the ever-reliable Happy Japan range, you can definitely put your trust in us. 

Buying an embroidery machine from us isn’t just a purchase, it’s in fact, an investment that will help grow and evolve your business. 

We’re passionate about all things embroidery, in particular, the machinery. So, we want to help you achieve the best results you can at great affordable prices. 

Your embroidery machine is what helps create your most valued commodity, your products. So, in order to create the perfect products and meet customer demands, you need the right machine for your business. 

Not only do we stock the right machines, but we’re experts in the field too and offer full after-care support once you’ve bought your machine. Should need any assistance, we’ll be on-hand to help you get back up and running. 

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our expert team will be available to assist you.