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The 7 Key Steps of a Procurement Process

A strong procurement process is key to the financial efficiency of any business. It aids in paying the right price for goods and services, minimises delivery times and helps you choose the best partners to work with your business.  How a procurement process looks is completely dependent on the size and type of business.  There’s […]

How To Start a Fashion Business – A Beginners Guide

In 2018, the fashion industry contributed a massive £32 billion to the UK economy. That figure alone shows the scale of competition that you’d be up against. But that’s definitely not something that should put you off.  If anything, that figure should spur you on further. The support that millions of fashion brands receive around […]

Thinking of Starting an Embroidery Business? Here’s our Guide

Embroidery is a hobby that’s forever growing in popularity around the world. And because of this, it’s no surprise that a lot of people are starting up their embroidery business. The industry is experiencing a significant boom period.  It’s never been easier to set up your own embroidery business. Whether you’re starting from the spare […]

10 Actionable Ideas for a Startup Printing Business

Over the past few years, the printing industry has been more popular than ever and has been going through a serious boom period. In fact, the industry is said to grow to a global value of £4.5 billion by 2023. That being said, due to the popularity and advancement in technology, it’s never been easier […]

commercial embroidery machine

4 Best Commercial Embroidery Machines For Your Business in 2019

Choosing a commercial embroidery machine is one of the most important decisions within your business. So it shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, they are by far the most important asset to your business. But which one is best suited to your company? These machines are designed in all different models and sizes to cope […]

Our Used Industrial Embroidery Machines [Updated Every Month]

When it comes to choosing a used industrial embroidery machine, you need to be able to have full trust in who you’re buying it from.  After all, your embroidery machine is one of the most important assets to the success of your business, so you’re going to want to ensure that it’s the right one […]

fashion business

A Step by Step Guide to Writing Your Fashion Business Plan

Are you a fashion business looking to expand? Or, are you looking to grow organically from within but not sure on how to get started?? You need to have a plan. Considering all of the different factors that make up a successful business is crucial, but so too is ensuring you have a comprehensive and […]

embroidery capacity

Upgrading to a Multi Head Embroidery Machine for Your Business

Upgrading to a Multi Head Embroidery Machine for Your Business Are you at production capacity with your current single head embroidery machines?  Is your single head machine now struggling to keep up with the increase in demand for your embroidery, fashion, education and sportswear industries and you’re considering an upgrade? 

embroidery machine

What is an Embroidery Machine? An Easy Beginners Guide

What is an embroidery machine and what do I need to know as a new business in the industry? By understanding your considerations as a beginner within the embroidery business you’re offering yourself the greatest chance of building a successful startup.

budget management

Budget Management: SME vs Big Businesses

Budget management is crucial to the successful running of your projects whether you’re a startup SME or big business. Applying the right skills and tools will help you to achieve your planned outcomes.

digital embroidery machine

Buying a Digital Embroidery Machine: The Business Considerations

When purchasing a digital embroidery machine there are various business considerations your startup company should think about.

best embroidery machine

Which is the Best Embroidery Machine for Me? – A Comparison

Perhaps you’ve just set up your business and you can’t decide which type of embroidery machine is right for your production requirements? We understand that knowing which machine you should choose and why is no small task.

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