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Should You Upgrade to the HCS3? When’s the Right Time?

Are you polar focused on accuracy? Are you looking for something more compact? Maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade. 

We understand that looking at a potential upgrade can be nerve-wracking as it usually involves dipping into your budget and learning a new piece of tech. Aside from this, it’s an exciting time for your business too. 

But when’s the right time to take that leap and make a change? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll fill you in on why it’s vital to upgrade your embroidery machine and when the right time will be to upgrade.

How could we forget… We have upgraded too! We’ll also show you the NEW HCS3 single-head embroidery machine – it’d be rude not to.


We’ll cover:


Why it’s Vital to Upgrade Your Embroidery Machine

Fed Up of Machine Repairs?

Are you spending more money on getting repairs fixed than actually putting your money on business growth? Yeah, we thought so too. It’s vital that you have an embroidery machine that’s safe to use and reliable. You want to ensure you’re meeting deadlines and producing quality products in the most efficient way. 

Great news, HappyJapan embroidery machines are robust and are designed to run all day. They won’t get tired, they’re reliable and very little maintenance will be needed. You can produce items with the reassurance that nothing will go wrong and you’ll be able to invest your money in the areas that’re important to you.


Ensure Accuracy is NEVER Compromised

Accuracy should be a priority for your business. You need to ensure existing customers are satisfied and potential prospects are intrigued and keen to invest in your services. Are you having trouble producing laser cut designs? Well, that’s where you need a laser guide.



Accuracy has been prioritised with the new HCS3 machine. This machine now features a direct down laser guide as standard. Laser guides are built into machines and provide a laser beam guide for the needle to follow. They keep designs sharp and on-point. This is a game-changing feature!


You Spend More Time Fixing Problems Than Creating

Are you caught off guard with blockages and snapped thread? Yeah, this can be time-consuming and frustrating. When you’re trying to run a business, time can be your biggest enemy as you need to be focused on achieving business goals and meeting customer demand. 

If you want to claim your time back, upgrading to a machine that has a digitised system is vital for business efficiency and operation safety. HCS3 has a handy built-in operating system, so any issues that occur will be flagged and you’ll be warned before proceeding. No fabric will be wasted, you’ll easily be able to resolve any issues and no time will be wasted on unnecessary tasks.


When is The Right Time to Upgrade?

You Want to Embroider On An Industrial Scale

If you’re finding it difficult to meet the demands of your current customers, it might be a sign that you need to improve your production process. Having an efficient production procedure will help you increase your customer satisfaction and increase your overall revenue. With the help of a new machine, this can be resolved easily.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking about expanding your business and processes – incredible news! BUT you need a machine that’ll be reliable and help you churn out the demands you have. So to be sure the investment is worth it, decide how many products you’ll need to make, what type of products you want to make and how much time you want to save in production. Then, you’ll have your answer.


You Don’t Want Mixed Signals 

Are cables causing you havoc? Are they causing hazards in your workstation? Maybe it’s time you improved your connection and stripped things back a little. Everyone always wants the latest tech but it’s important that the tech you do have, improves your overall strategy and makes things easier for you. 

If you want the flexibility to move your machine around and connect to it wherever you are in the workspace, considering a machine that has wireless connectivity is the way! As with all HappyJapan machines from Midwest, they offer COMPLETE wireless connectivity. No more cables, no more mixed signals (literally) and no more delays. 


Accuracy is Your Priority 

So, your current demand has increased but you’re worried that accuracy could be compromised… That shouldn’t even be in the equation. At Midwest, we take great pride in ensuring people are creating work they’re proud of. Customer satisfaction is also high on our list so we want to ensure the high quality work you’re producing is also pleasing those customers of yours!

If accuracy is part of your priority list then you need to step away from your existing machine that’s affecting your manufacturing and you need to invest in a machine that’ll help you continue to delight existing customers and retain new customers.


You Just Need a New Machine 

Sounds obvious… BUT, hear us out. If this post has highlighted gaps in your production process and you’re realising that your manufacturing could be improved – change is needed. Yes, getting a new machine is an investment but if you have your priorities mapped out and you have the correct structure in place to continue to grow as a business, you’ll be well prepared for this change.


Improve Your Performance with the HCS3

Now you know that the HCS3 has wireless connectivity, it has a laser beam feature and it’s reliable… What else can it do?



Well, here are some other features of the HCS3 that’ll help improve your performance and overall product line.

  • 1000 SPM.
  • Fast start up time.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Take up-lever safety guard
  • Automatic thread trimmer.
  • Automatic colour change.
  • Automatic thread break detection.
  • 2 million stitch memory.
  • Built-in bobbin winder.
  • Includes 6 popular frame sizes.
  • Memory – 40,000,000 stitches or 250 patterns.

What can’t it do? Well, it does everything that SMEs need! It’s ideal if you have a more streamlined production process and you’re new to the embroidery industry. But it’s also great if you’re ready to upgrade and get a machine that is REVOLUTIONARY. But the question is, are you ready?


I’m Ready!

Great news! If you’re truly ready to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL then get in touch with one of our experts today. They can answer any questions you may have and help you choose the right machine for your needs.

In the meantime, if you want to do some more research, grab yourself a copy of our FREE Ebook and understand why changing your machine is vital for your business development. 

HappyJapan HCS3 Single Head Machine

HappyJapan HCS3: The Key Improvements From the HCS2

We understand how difficult it can be to decide what embroidery machine is needed to expand your production. We’re the UK’s largest supplier of compact, commercial, and industrial embroidery machines so rest assured, we know how to guide you in the right direction.

Do you need the latest technology? Whether you’re looking to invest in your first single-head embroidery machine or you’re wanting to upgrade your existing machine, it’s important to do your research before taking the next step.

It’s only right we help you decide by comparing the HappyJapan HCS2 and the NEW HappyJapan HCS3. With all HappyJapan machines from Midwest, you can be completely confident that any machine you decide on will be of industry-leading quality.

In this blog, we’ll highlight the strong characteristics that have been carried forward. We’ll share the improvements that have been made. And we’ll explain why single-head embroidery machines from HappyJapan are THE perfect investment. 


We’ll Cover:


HappyJapan – The HCS2 Series

Firstly, let’s start with a brief overview of the HCS2 Series. This machine is perfect for startup businesses. It’s a favourite amongst small t-shirt embroidery shops, sole traders and businesses that want to focus on cap and hat embroidery. 

The HCS2 has many pros including the extensive pattern choice, a total of 15 colours to choose from and a quick turnaround time of 1500 stitches per minute (SPM).




Another attractive feature of this HCS2 Series is the price bracket – for smaller businesses that don’t have the same spending power as larger firms, the HCS2 is a perfect choice. This machine is affordable and in comparison to others on the market, it won’t break the bank.

Of course, with all HappyJapan machines, they’re completely wireless and have a colour LCD touch screen control panel. They also include an ordinary cap frame and a wide cap frame. The power consumption is 200W and they have two network ports as standard. Wow, that’s a lot to take in but we must include THE best points.


Although the HCS2 has many incredible features and can provide you with flexibility and scope for business growth, it does have a few limitations. These limitations may be restricted to individuals who are looking for more accuracy and a more compact machine.

We want to be honest and highlight these potential limitations to ensure you know the difference between the two machines and how the upgrades could be beneficial to you and your production process – transparency is key here!


If portability isn’t an issue for you, then the HCS2 weighs just 99kg. This is a heavier single-thread machine in comparison to the HCS3. If you intend on moving a machine around the workspace, this could prove difficult. 

The good thing is, it’s still compact and sturdy but it just weighs a little bit more than the average. While it’s compact and small, it’s certainly mighty. With single-head embroidery machines, the last thing you should do is underestimate their power and production capacity – they’ll indefinitely prove you wrong. 

No Laser Guide

Although this machine can produce a lot of stitches and create many patterns, this machine does not include a laser guide as standard, unlike the HCS3. Laser guides can help with accuracy and they can be a real time-saver when producing intricate designs. 

Rest assured, the embroidery will still be neat but with the added laser guide, the designs will be a cut above the rest. So, if you’re a perfectionist… This might be an important feature to consider.


HappyJapan – The HCS3 Series

Upgrade time! The NEW HCS3 is an upgrade from the HCS2 Series – it’s taken the ordinary single-head machine that step UP from the norm. Yes, as if that was possible. The advantage of this machine is how compact and efficient it is. It’s the IDEAL machine for beginners, keen embroiders and for people short on production space. 

You don’t have to worry about losing any key features, these have been added from the HCS2 too! Including wireless connectivity, colour LCD touch screen control panel, an ordinary cap frame and a wide cap frame, 200W power consumption and two network ports as standard.



But how could it be improved? The existing functionalities have been developed and taken up a notch to improve durability and efficiency. It doesn’t just stop there, although it’s extremely high-tech it’s easy to use and safe. But let’s dive in and see how these improvements can benefit your workflow.

Compact Features

The HCS3 is the MOST compact machine from the HappyJapan collection. Although it is compact, it doesn’t lack functionality. It’s powerful, it’s efficient and it’s lightweight. This machine is almost half the weight of the HCS2 so it’s portable and perfect for moving around a production space. As well as being compact, it’s not a messy machine either so it can work its magic without any additional space needed for excess fabric and trimmings.

NEW Laser Guide 

The HCS3 machine now includes a high-tech feature – the direct down laser guide as standard. This built-in device helps with accuracy by creating a laser beam just in front of the needle. The needle can then use this as a guide across the pattern. No unnecessary markings will be made and your embroidery is guaranteed to be accurate with the additional assistance of the laser beam.


Single-Head Embroidery Machines: The Perfect Choice

A single-head embroidery machine can help you expand your existing product line or enhance your key skills as an embroider. They make things easier, they are time-saving and they’re not as large as your industrial embroidery machines. So, if you’re based from home or own a small workspace, they’re faultless.

Single-head machines can help you achieve a lot of embroidery tasks but it’s important to note that these are for more streamlined workflows and work on one piece of embroidery at a time. So if your product turnover isn’t as fast – you’ve found your match!

Also, think about the items you want to embroider daily. If you’re thinking sleeves, caps, bags or pre-assembled fabrics and garments – then you’re in the right place to help make manufacturing that little bit more efficient! If you’re thinking what else can they do? They’re also ideal for mixed media and multimedia style decoration. The creativity and options are limitless.

If tech is what usually holds you back because you find it confusing… Then the HappyJapan single-head machines are easy to use and with a click of a button, they’ll be working hard. You don’t need to be skilled or have previous experience – they do the hard work for you. They take the stress away so you can channel your energy to the things that matter – being creative, customer satisfaction and business growth.


Choose the Correct HappyJapan Machine for Your Business

Important question – are you wowed by the new improvements that have been made? If you are, then secure your machine today, get in touch. Also, if you have any more questions that need answering, a member of our expert team is always on-hand to help.

If you’re keen to learn more about the machines we offer here at Midwest. Grab yourself a copy of our FREE Ebook and understand which machine will be perfect for your business. 

Midwest HappyJapan HCS3 Machine

HappyJapan HCS3: A Closer Look

No matter your working space, when you’re just starting out, you don’t want this to hold you back or limit your capabilities of growing an empire. Instead, you make use of the space you do have – you invest in time savers and space savers.

Having the latest technology is great, but you want to ensure the tech you do have is efficient, quick and meets the demands of your customers. After all, they’re the ones who are dependent on your services.

Let’s not forget, choosing the correct machine goes a long way when it comes to budget, processes and product quality. You certainly don’t want to restrict your business growth with the machine you do have, you want it to grow with you over a period of time.

Efficient, easy-to-use, wireless, compact… Sound dreamy? Well, let us introduce you to the NEW HappyJapan HCS3. It’s the newest machine here at Midwest! It’s perfect for those of you who want to expand your business, effectively use your creativity, meet the demands of your streamlined business and work in a compact space.

Want to find out more? Don’t worry, we’re going to cover everything you need to know in this post – from how the HCS3 works to the key features you need to know about.


We’ll cover


The HappyJapan HCS3

The NEW HCS3 is an upgrade from HappyJapan’s iconic HCS2 model – it compares to no other embroidery machine on the market. It’s the ULTIMATE compact machine, great for beginners and keen embroiders looking to find their feet in the industry. If you already embroider on an industrial scale, these machines can add a compact aspect to your production line – so don’t think they’re JUST for newbies.



The HCS3 is more compact than ANY machine from HappyJapan so it’s the ideal space saver. It might be a new product, but it still has the wireless feature, the same as ALL of the HappyJapan products – portable and no wires to cause a nuisance. Honestly, expanding your business and doing embroidery on an industrial scale has never been easier. 

So, it’s compact and portable, but is it missing any features? Definitely not. It’s got new features from a laser guide as standard, a fast start-up time and a quick embroidery turnaround time (max speed of 1000 stitches per minute). It really does tick the boxes for SMEs.


Compact and Powerful

We start with the KEY feature of the new HCS3 and that’s how compact and smart it is. Although it’s small, it’s certainly mighty. It contains one single embroidery head and it’s perfect for more intricate and complex production lines that produce items in batches. 

Although this is great for a beginner, they’re really useful pieces of equipment to have no matter what stage in your business journey you are at. They’re compact, portable, sturdy and much more lightweight than your ordinary single-head embroidery machine. 

How This Benefits Your Business

If space is your drawback, then this is the perfect machine for the available space you do have because it will fit almost anywhere. It will take up as much space as an end of a table and with its 1,000 stitches per min – it’s speedy, powerful and efficient. Also, you won’t need to worry about the mess it creates either – no space is needed to cater for this. 


Direct Down Laser Guide as Standard

The HCS3 has the high-tech feature of a direct down laser guide as standard – a real time saver. These handy built-in devices create a laser beam that appears just in front of the needle; it’s a guide for where the stitch line will fall precisely and accurately. 

How This Benefits Your Business

Not only is this feature high-tech, it’s functional too. Looking for accuracy? That’s what a laser-guide is for. With the use of this, your embroidery will be more accurate than ever and the desired outcome will be straighter with less markings. Happy customers all round!


LCD Colour Touch Screen Panel

We told you no features are compromised! The compact HCS3 has a touch screen panel to make embroidery and business processes even easier. The touch panel is designed to show job progress in real time and give updates to you. Is there an error? It will inform you. Is it finished? It will tell you. It also has a live feed of stitch speed, ensuring accuracy at all times during the production process.




How This Benefits Your Business

The LCD touch screens are simple to use (perfect if you’re not tech-savvy!). This is great if you want more than one member of the team to learn and you’re short on time. Also, this ensures that your production line is consistently accurate and working to its optimum efficiency. 

We understand that safety is a huge factor for any business, so this machine has catered for that. With the handy built-in operating system, any issues that occur will be flagged and you’ll be warned before proceeding. 


Wireless Connection

So, it’s compact BUT it’s portable too! The HCS3 has a completely wireless connection. No wires, no cables and perfect to move around depending on the space you have. It’s also great for a variety of workspaces and doesn’t need to be positioned near WiFi or certain cabling – finally, you have the freedom!

How This Benefits Your Business

It’s easy to use and there’s no restrictions with connectivity, so, you have no excuses but to work efficiently and create the great work you hoped for. Having a wireless connection creates fewer hazards and production will be more efficient. If you’re struggling for space, the HCS3 can unpack and have a home anywhere in your workspace.

Some more features we HAD to mention:

  • 1 head / 12 needle.
  • 1000 SPM.
  • USB, LAN & WiFi option.
  • Power consumption – 200W.
  • Tubular embroidery area – 285x290mm.
  • Advanced touchscreen.
  • Fast start up time.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Take up-lever safety guard.
  • Wide cap frame – 67x290mm.
  • Cap frame – low-profile cap frame(option): 67x180mm.
  • Weight – 42kg
  • Automatic thread trimmer.
  • Automatic colour change.
  • Automatic thread break detection.
  • 2 million stitch memory.
  • Built-in bobbin winder.
  • Includes HAPPY LAN software.
  • Includes 6 popular frame sizes.
  • Memory – 40,000,000 stitches or 250 patterns.

If you’re overwhelmed with the features the HCS3 has, don’t be. Although it’s high-tech and has some incredible features – it’s versatile and simple to use in just a few steps. As with all HappyJapan machines, they’re built to withstand production over a long period. No expensive maintenance or repairs will be needed so it’s perfect for your start-up budget


Take Your Production to the Next Level!

Well, if you’re new to the embroidery industry or you’re wanting to expand your current production line, then this machine can suit all your needs. From producing a fast turnaround to portable and compact design features you needn’t look elsewhere. 

The HCS3 can help you achieve a lot of embroidery tasks including sleeves, caps, bags or pre-assembled fabrics and garments. They’re also ideal for mixed media and multimedia style decoration. 

If you think it’s time to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL with the help of HCS3, 

enquire now and secure your embroidery machine today! You can get in touch with us via our contact us page. One of our embroidery machine experts will then get back to you as soon as possible to set up a technical demonstration.

If you’re desperate for more details on the machines we offer, grab yourself a copy of our FREE Ebook and discover which level of machine is right for your business.


Choosing the Right Single-Head Machine For Your Business

When it comes to choosing the right single-head embroidery machine for your business, we understand that you might have a lot of questions that need answering. But that’s why we’re here, to help you make the right decision.

A single-head embroidery machine can have lots of advantages and they bring true value to your business. Whether you’re adding a machine to your shop or looking for the right equipment to expand your production, they can take your manufacturing to the NEXT LEVEL.

There’s a lot to cover, so, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to it! In this post, we’ll share what a single-head machine is, the importance of choosing the correct one, how you can choose the right one and the perfect single-head machines for your business. 


We’ll cover


What is a Single-Head Embroidery Machine?

If you’re a beginner or need a refresher, then we’ll explain a little more about single-head machines and their purpose in embroidery manufacturing. The easiest way to identify a single-head embroidery machine is by how many stitch heads it has. It’s simple – a single-head embroidery machine only has one embroidery head. The embroidery head stays stationary and the embroidery arm moves according to the digitised design.




A single-head embroidery machine works great if you’re a newbie. If you’re trying to find your feet in the industry and embroider material on an industrial scale – it’s perfect. Single-head machines are ideal for mixed media and multimedia style decoration. Let’s not forget, they’re flexible (7-15 stitching needles in total), they have a quick embroidery turnaround time (300 -1000 stitches per minute) and they can be compact and portable – great if you have limited space.

So, now we have covered the basics and you understand what a single-head machine is (we hope), let’s understand why choosing the correct single-head machine is important.


The Importance of Choosing the Correct Single-Head Machine

Choosing the right single-head machine is important for your budget, process, and production quality. It’s critical to choose a machine that can handle the demands of your business. It’s also important you choose the right machine according to your available space, your expertise and where you are in your business journey. 

If you choose the wrong machine, you could be wasting valuable money. If you’re a startup, small business or an SME, then single-head machines are perfect and you have come to the right place for your current needs.

Here are a few key factors to consider before choosing the right single-head machine for your business. 



Choose wisely – the machine you choose can affect the output and production levels of your business. So, you need to be certain that the machine you purchase can produce the demands you have. As we mentioned earlier, single-head embroidery machines are perfect for individuals who are new to the industry. They’re generally used by businesses that have a more streamlined and simple production line. 

Rather than focusing on churning out multiple embroidered products at once, the single-head machines are focused on one product at a time. So, if you’re not bound by tight deadlines for massive orders, it’s the perfect match made in heaven for your business! They’re versatile, they’re efficient and have an eye-catching attention to detail.



You need to make sure that your machine can cope with the scope and expansion of your business. Firstly, think about what capacity you want to produce. What garments you want to embroider and how easy you want to make things. Producing the desired capacity of your business will contribute to customer satisfaction and the overall expectations of your business – it’s an important factor.

Single-head machines are ideal for tubular embroidery, working on garments such as sleeves, caps, bags or pre-assembled fabrics and garments. Single-head machines can turn around orders quickly with pre-programmed designs and they can produce at a great capacity due to the fact they have a range of working speeds (faster than ANY OTHER machine!).


Customer Satisfaction

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the success (or failure) of a business and one that shouldn’t be ignored is… Customer satisfaction. Because after all, happy customers = more sales and more sales = more revenue. Not only is it important to track this throughout your business journey, but it should be the main focal point when purchasing the right single-head machine for your business.

Not convinced yet? Customer satisfaction helps you stand out from your competitors. It reduces customer churn, increases customer lifetime value and it’s a leading indicator of customer repurchase and loyalty. If you choose the right single-head embroidery machine, not only will you be able to meet the requests of your prospective customers but you will also generate more leads through positive word of mouth – it’s a no brainer!


How to Choose the Right Single-Head Machine


Pricing is the first factor to consider. You want to get the most value for your money and you want to ensure that the machine you choose will serve you happily for many years – it’s a big part of the decision. It would be such a shame and a waste of money if you invested in a machine and you outgrew it within a year.

We understand that budgets and startup costs can be significantly lower than a more established business. That’s why single-head machines are a great way to affordably expand your product line. You can be expecting to see costs start from £4,995 through to £13,995 plus VAT. Remember, embroidery machines are an investment for your business.



Are you looking for something straightforward to control? Well, a single-head machine that includes an LCD touchscreen might be the choice for you. Having a touchscreen at the end of your fingertips (literally) makes operating the machine so easy! We understand that your main priority is to meet customer needs – so the LCD saves vital time so you can channel your energy towards the things that matter.

Wireless connection is also an important factor to note down when on the hunt for a single-head machine. Not only are wires and cables hazards in the workplace but they’re a nightmare if you want to have a portable workspace. With our single-head embroidery machines, cables are a thing of the past. The machines operate from a completely wireless connection.



What are you expecting from the embroidery machine? Choosing a machine that will meet your needs and also perform to your specifications is essential. You don’t want to waste time or become frustrated. You need a machine that ticks the boxes and more importantly, satisfies your customer’s demands. Begin looking at machines that have multipurpose features so it meets all your specifications.

Get your checklist at the ready! Here are some performance specifications to consider: number of designs, total stitches per minute, start-up time, built-in thread-trimmer, thread break detection and built-in bobbin winder. To name a few!


The Perfect Single Head Machines For Your Business 

Now we have covered everything you need to know about choosing the right single-head machine for your business. It’s now time to discover the PERFECT single-head machine for your business.

There’s a lot on the market. But we can promise you, the HappyJapan range at Midwest can improve business efficiency, keep up with customer demand and help you reach your consistent business goals. We promise a lot but what can we say – we stay ahead of the competition. 


HappyJapan – HCU Series

Want to know more about the fastest single-head embroidery machine on the market? Well, here we have The HCU series. The perfect companion for any startup business. It’s a great start point for a business to grow and learn from. The HCU single-head embroidery machine is THE MOST technologically advanced in the industry. 



Want to work on-the-go and be wire and cable-free? Don’t worry, all HappyJapan machines have a wireless connection and they’re the only ones in the industry that offer this. This is a great advantage for those who want to have a portable workspace.

A huge perk of this machine is the price point! It’s affordable and not as expensive as the others on the market. So, if this is your first embroidery machine investment, then it’s a more affordable and reliable choice. 

Here are some features we think you should know about and consider when deciding which model to purchase:

  • Colour LCD touch screen control panel.
  • Completely wireless connection – yes, we can’t believe it either!
  • Single head 15 colours.
  • Maximum speed 1500 SPM.
  • Tubular embroidery area: 400x600mm / 400 x 1200mm.
  • Low-profile cap frame (option): 67x180mm.
  • Wide cap frame (option) : 67x290mm.
  • Free PC connection software – on-the-go tech.
  • LAN and USB network port.
  • USB memory stick port.
  • Built-in 100 small designs.
  • Easy threading – winner! 
  • Take up-lever safety guard.
  • Automatic thread trimmer – time saver.
  • Automatic colour change.
  • Automatic thread break detection – game changer!
  • Built-in bobbin thread winder. 
  • Short stitch sweep function. 
  • Customisable icons’ locations.
  • Memory – 40,000,000 stitches or 999 patterns.
  • Weight – 99kg.


The HCU series contains many features and can produce an extensive range of patterns and a whopping 40,000,000 stitches. However, If you’re short on space and need something a little more compact, then the NEW HCS3 might be a perfect match for your SME workspace. So, let us tell you more.


HappyJapan – The NEW HCS3

The NEW HCS3 is an upgrade from HappyJapan’s legendary HCS2 model – it’s like no other embroidery machine in its class. This is still the perfect machine for a startup business or those wishing to add embroidery to their existing services. Now, it boasts more features than the previous series.



So, what are the upgrades? Well, this machine is more compact than any other machine from HappyJapan. So, although it produces 250 patterns and 40,000,000 stitches it’s almost half the weight of the HCU Series – no compromising, just making things a whole lot more portable. It’s the ULTIMATE if you have a smaller production space.

We can’t forget, it now also includes a direct down laser guide as standard and it’s equipped with an LCD touch screen monitor. Embroidery has never been so easy!

Want to know more? Well, here are some more features you should know about:

  • 1 head / 12 needle.
  • 1000 SPM – speedy!
  • USB, LAN & WiFi option.
  • Power consumption – 200W.
  • Tubular embroidery area – 285x290mm.
  • Advanced touchscreen.
  • Fast start-up time – time efficient!
  • Quiet operation.
  • Take up-lever safety guard.
  • Wide cap frame – 67x290mm.
  • Cap frame – Low-profile cap frame(option): 67x180mm.
  • Portable (42kg).
  • LCD touch screen – never been easier for beginners!
  • Automatic thread trimmer.
  • Automatic colour change.
  • Automatic thread break detection.
  • ULTIMATE compact machine – more compact than ANY other machine!
  • 2 million stitch memory.
  • Built-in bobbin winder.
  • Includes HAPPY LAN software.
  • Includes 6 popular frame sizes.
  • Memory – 40,000,000 stitches or 250 patterns.

Which one sounds more ideal? Are you thinking of a more compact machine or does that not make a difference to you? Well, whatever the decision, ensure you have weighed up your options and honed down on what it is you’re trying to achieve. 


The Choice is Yours!

We hope you’re equipped with the knowledge you need to take your business to the next stage. If we have missed something or you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts by simply going to our ‘Contact Us’ page here.

Also, if you want to solidify your decision you can check out our handy FREE Ebook. So… What are you waiting for? It’s time to get creative, expand your processes and grow your business. Go on, grab your copy today. 

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Brother GTX Pro: How Does it Rank with the Competition?

To carry out DTG printing effectively, it’s massively important to have the right equipment in place. Otherwise, you’ll end up with poor results and the main benefits of DTG printing won’t be emphasised in underwhelming products. So, which machines are at the head of the industry? And how can they benefit your production line? 

The right machine will improve your DTG production to no end. One of the main advantages of DTG is that quality results can be achieved in quick turnaround times. With the right machine, this is possible on every print run. However, if your machine is inadequate, your business won’t be able to reach the potential heights that are forecasted. 

So that you can be sure you’re choosing the right machine for your needs, we’ve taken a closer look at one of the best machines in the industry. In this post, we’ve explored it’s key features in detail and posed it against the competition – that way, you get a comprehensive round-up of the machine and can make smarter business decisions. 


We’ll cover: 


Brother GTX Pro – An Overview

The Brother GTX Pro is the latest DTG printing machine from the ever-reliable brand itself. Quite simply, every other DTG machine on the market is inferior to this machine – it’s the industry leader for a reason. The machine will slot seamlessly into any production line and will help take things up a notch for your overall capacity and efficiency. 

When investing in a DTG machine, you need to be able to confidently rely on it to get the job done every time. Well, with the GTX Pro, you certainly can. You needn’t worry about this machine being able to cope with the most intense customer demand, it’ll stand up to any pressure and ensure that high-quality standards are achieved in every print. 

For an ultra-powerful machine, you’ll notice that it’s small and compact. However, underestimate this machine at your own peril. The sleek size also makes the buying decision a lot easier too – there’s no need to worry about the machine not fitting properly within your premises or on-site. 


The Key Features of the Machine

High-Speed Print Mode

Customers crave speed and quality in their printing jobs. And with the GTX Pro, that’s exactly what you can provide. By utilising its high-speed printing mode, you can turnaround orders in no time without any compromise on quality. That’s one way to guarantee customer satisfaction, right? 


midwest machinery direct to garment printer brother gtx pro


Automatic Cleaning Process

Cleaning down the machine after running a job is everybody’s least favourite part of the job – no one can deny that. With the GTX Pro, you needn’t worry about cleaning the machine as its programmed to clean itself. Taking that into consideration, you can focus on other areas of the business with the time you’d usually spend cleaning the machine. 


Impressively Flexible

The machine is compatible with a wide range of garment types. Therefore, it allows your business to be flexible with the services that you provide. So, rather than turning jobs away because your old machine couldn’t cope, you can welcome that extra custom and expand your business – all thanks to this industry-leading DTG printer. 


How Can the Machine Benefit Your Production Line?

Improve Productivity 

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve their productivity. One of the main ways to do this is by focusing on your equipment and machinery. Quite simply, if your machinery can’t keep up with increasing customer demands, your productivity is never going to reach it’s maximum potential. This could mean you need to turn away vital business. 


direct to garment printers worth the investment


However, with the GTX Pro, you can rely on the speed of the machine to get you through the busiest periods of the year with minimal fuss. The machine is designed to be pushed to the limit and it’ll constantly deliver. With this increase in speed, you’re likely to improve productivity and free up more room for extra work to be taken on board. 


Broaden Your Product Range 

By simplifying DTG printing, it means that you can broaden your product range with minimal fuss. DTG is a great printing method for personalised clothing, workwear and uniforms and much more. With that in mind, you can offer these products without changing anything in your setup. By appealing to more people you’re driving more potential business. 

DTG allows you to reach a mass market – rather than closing yourself off with a particular niche. This is seen as a less risky move in business as you’ve got a wider pool of customers to potentially pick from. Plus, it’s nice to know that if you have a mass influx of customers, you’re well equipped to deal with the increased demand without trouble.


How Does it Compare With the Competition? 

The Brother GTX Pro is the leading machine in the industry – quite simply, nothing can get close to it. If you’re looking to improve your overall productivity and efficiency, we don’t believe that there’s another machine worth considering than this new model. The speed that the machine operates at and the guaranteed quality produced is unrivalled by it’s closest competitors. 


direct to garment printers customer satisfaction guaranteed


If you’re looking for a machine that can be relied upon time and time again to get the job done, you needn’t look any further. As we’ve mentioned, the machine is durable and is designed to run all day long. You can guarantee that the last print will be just as good as the first, even after you’ve pushed it to its limits all day. 

There’s a reason why it’s at the head of the market – in fact, there’s more than just one reason!


Best Position Your Business with High-Quality Machinery

As you’ve just seen, the Brother GTX Pro is a machine like no other! So, if your business is serious about DTG printing, you needn’t look elsewhere. Are you clued up on DTG? Or, could your knowledge do with a little more clarity? Don’t worry if so, we’ve created a FREE guide that you can benefit from to brush up on all the relevant information. Grab your copy today!

And lastly, what’s the rest of your equipment like within your production line? Is it top of the range (like the Brother GTX Pro) or are you ready for an upgrade? Think about it, there’s no point in investing in a top of the range DTG printing machine if it’s going to show the rest of your production line up, is there? 

Talk to us today about aligning the rest of your machinery inventory and how it can benefit your business to no end! Our expert team is always on hand to take your calls and answer your questions – we look forward to hearing from you very soon.

direct to garment printers worth the investment

Direct to Garment Printers: Worth the Investment?

DTG printing is an effective method to help propel your production line. However, are direct to garment printers worth the investment? Do you need a machine especially to carry out DTG printing jobs? Quite simply, if you want to achieve the best results possible, yes you do.

And not any old machine either – businesses need to choose the right direct to garment printers that suit their customer demand, production requirements and other needs too. They’re invaluable to businesses and ensure that high-quality clothing garments are produced every time – that way, customer satisfaction is always guaranteed. 

In this post, we prove that direct to garment printers are definitely worth the investment. But how? Well, we’ll pose potential problems of not having the right machine or an inadequate one in place. Plus, we’ll give recommendations throughout what makes a strong machine and how you can ensure you have the right one in place. 


We’ll cover: 


Increase Your Production Capacity

Businesses can come under increasing pressure levels, especially in busy periods. However, with the right equipment, you can be sure that you have the resources to comfortably stem the flow of customer demand while keeping those all-important quality levels high. After all, nobody wants rushed products just to meet deadlines, do they? 

Direct to garment printers are worth the investment to increase your production capacity. If you’re using an old or inadequate machine, you could be limiting the number of jobs that your business can carry out. Whereas, making a simple machine switch and upgrading your equipment can increase your overall production capacity. 

With more capacity comes more potential. If you can fulfil more orders in a shorter time, you then have a window of opportunity to expand and grow your company by welcoming new business on board. So, those orders that you may have had to turn away once of a day, can actually be completed with ease. 

Not having the right equipment in place could be holding your business back. Sometimes, businesses don’t work their machines to their full limit due to not wanting to break them. However, with DTG machines, they’re designed to be pushed to their limits, they’re durable and deliver every time you call upon them – perfect. 


Guarantee Customer Satisfaction with High-Quality Levels

If there’s one thing that will keep your customers returning… it’s quality. Unfortunately, consumers are greedy and will expect more than guaranteed quality from your business. If you can produce quality garments and turn orders around quickly, your customers will be mightily impressed and will definitely return. 

If only there was a way to guarantee this? Oh wait, there is! DTG printers and machines are the only way that you can produce quality results time and time again at high speeds. Plus, we’re not talking about rushing orders so that they’re out of the door and ticking a box, orders are completed quickly, however, there’s no compromise on quality at all. 


direct to garment printers customer satisfaction guaranteed


You have to be quick and you have to be good – it really is as easy as that. If only carrying this out was as simple, right? Customers won’t be prepared to wait around for extended periods for their order to be fulfilled. Within the clothing industry, there’s a lot of competition. So, if you can’t turn orders around quickly, you’ll likely lose out to your competition.

Not only are DTG printers quick but they’re built to last too. You can be as fast as you want, however, if your equipment keeps breaking and letting you down, you’re not going to be quick long-term. The right direct to garment printers guarantee quality and are built to be run all day – so, you can rely on them to always keep your customers happy.


Improve Overall Business Efficiency

Heaping more pressure on an old or inadequate machine will cause it to break. When machines break, businesses often go into periods of downtime where they can’t produce products or capacity is extremely limited. Any time that your business enters downtime, your efficiency levels take a huge hit and your business isn’t making as much money as it could be. 

Therefore, by investing in the perfect direct to garment printer for your business, you’ll guarantee that it can take the strain off your most pressured times. That way, you can be certain that your machine will deliver and won’t break down as soon as things hot up on the order front. There’s nothing worse than orders stacking up and your machine not producing, is there? 

By reducing periods of downtime, you’ll be saving money too. Not only will you be able to operate for longer and drive more revenue but you won’t have to constantly pay maintenance fees to fix your machine. We appreciate that this maintenance isn’t cheap and even call outs to come and look at machines can prove to be an expensive cost. 

If your business is operating a lot quicker due to the introduction of the right machine, it means that you can squeeze more orders in during a day than ever before. So, just by improving your machinery, you’re increasing your production capacity and getting more out of a day’s work. Minimising the time needed per job is a great way to ensure business efficiency.


Head to the Top of Your Industry

DTG allows businesses to create amazing results with their designs and garments. However, with an inadequate machine, these designs will appear incredibly underwhelming. What might be an amazing design could turn out to be awful when printed on the garment, therefore, your products will simply blend in with the rest of the industry. 

Or, even worse, it may stand out for all the wrong reasons! People won’t want to spend their hard-earned money on products that aren’t high-quality, will they? And rightly so! Plus, if your customers aren’t choosing your business for their designs and garments to come to life, it means that your competitors will be getting the business you’ve passed up. 


direct to garment printers industry leading


If more people start to choose your competitors, you’ll find that they’ll naturally end up ahead of you in the industry. So, leave your audience with no choice but to choose your business by creating the best quality designs in the industry. With the right direct to garment printers, you can achieve quality standards that are simply too good to look elsewhere. 

DTG provides businesses with a great opportunity to appeal to a wide market. Intricate designs allow for ultimate personalisation and a chance for people to express themselves through their own fashion sense! Best position yourself to exploit this opportunity by investing in the right equipment to get the job done properly. 


Direct to Garment Printers ARE Worth the Investment

So, there you have it… when asked whether direct to garment printers are worth the investment, we can confidently answer with a huge YES. You’ve seen yourself from the above-mentioned factors that if you’re going to take DTG printing seriously, you need to equip yourselves properly to achieve the desired heights.

At Midwest, we’re here to help equip your business properly in every way that we can. Whether it’s a direct to garment printer that you need, or you’re looking to align all of your equipment inventory – we can help. Of course, there’s no point in having an equipment range that is state-of-the-art in some areas but poor in others, is there? 

For more information on DTG printing, we’ve produced a FREE guide for you to benefit from. It includes everything you need to know – from what it is, the benefits and machine recommendations – it’s all in there. Grab your copy today!

Or, if you’d like to speak to one of our experts about aligning your equipment inventory, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always on hand to answer any questions or queries that you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

DTG vs Screen Printing: A Comparison

When it comes to printing on garments, direct to garment (DTG) vs screen printing is an age-old battle. Which one is better? Which one is more suited to your product types? What’s better for your production output? There are a lot of questions around the matter – which sparks quite the debate. 

As business owners and designers, you can easily find yourself stuck in the rut of wanting your designs to look as best as they can. However, not wanting to break the bank and aiming for maximum profit on each garment sold. So, you must pick the correct printing technique to allow you to strike a fine balance between these factors. 

In this post, we’ll take a look at DTG vs screen printing and will work out which one is best suited for your business to utilise. We’ll take a look at everything you need to know – from what they are, how they differ, how they work and we’ll provide recommendations along the way too. 

So, sit back and soak in the latest showdown of DTG vs screen printing.


We’ll cover:


What is DTG? And How is it Best Used?

DTG is a popular printing method that’s used to create stand-out, colourful designs. But what is it? Well, as the name suggests, direct to garment printing is a method in which ink is applied directly to the garment and then pressed to dry. It’s one of the simplest forms of garment printing – however, when done properly, it’s easily one of the most effective. 

So, how does it work? Well, the process couldn’t be much easier. Think of an everyday printer – only instead of paper, you’re using t-shirts and other suitable garment materials. DTG works best with materials that are 100 percent cotton, naturally, the most common products are t-shirts and sweatshirts. If you don’t use the right material, the results won’t be as desired. 


DTG vs Screen Printing direct to garment


All garments must be pre-treated with a special treatment liquid before printing – this ensures that each print is top quality and your products always obtain a high standard. For darker colours, you need to add another step of treatment before printing – so that the garment is ready to allow the ink to soak into the fibres and take to the product well.

After pre-treatment, load it flat into the machine and hit go! From there, you can watch your design unfold in front of your eyes. For best results, make sure that the garments are flat – one crease can jeopardise the whole print. Once your garment has finished printing, press it for 90 seconds to dry and you’re good to go.  


The Key Benefits of DTG 

Ease of Setup 

As you can see from the outlined process above, DTG requires very little setup and produces amazing results. Due to the lack of setup required, it means that businesses can promise quick turnaround times and can welcome any one-off jobs required. This makes them a lot more appealing to customers who want their products instantly and aren’t prepared to wait. 

Ease of setup means that it’s easy to roll out within your business too. For example, you can easily train all your team members to be able to carry out DTG printing. That way, you’re not reliant on certain staff members being on-site for DTG production to be carried out. If all team members can perform it, your productivity will go through the roof. 


Unrivalled Quality of Intricate Design

With other printing methods, there’s a comprehensive lack of quality on intricate and finicky designs. Whereas, one of the main USPs of DTG is that it can easily perform detailed designs and make your products stand out. For businesses, this is a massive draw towards DTG as you want your designs to stand out no matter what, right? 

You don’t want to be renowned as the brand with poor quality designs, do you? Therefore, businesses opt for DTG as they know that the results it can produce are eye-catching – and most importantly, top quality. For example, businesses choose to have their uniforms produced by DTG as they can rely on the quality of print to portray their brand proudly. 


What is Screen Printing? When is it Used Best?

Whereas DTG applies ink straight onto the garment, screen printing is a printing method in which ink is pushed through a woven screen or mesh stencil onto the garment. Rather than soaking straight into the garment, the ink sits in a layer on top of the garment. Screen printing is one of the most popular methods in garment design and has been around for many years. 

For each colour that you want to add to your design, a special screen is required. Therefore, adding to the setup and cost of production. Once you’ve got all your screens ready to go, the design is applied layer by layer. The more colours that your design has, the longer it’ll take to produce. For example, four colours will require four layers – one colour would only need one. 


DTG vs Screen Printing - Screen Printing


As DTG focuses on small details, screen printing focuses on the adverse. This printing method works best with solid graphics and broad details. Typography, basic shapes and ore can be produced with screen printing. However, intricate designs are more expensive and are very time consuming due to the need to specially produce each screen for the design.

As each colour is applied separately, you can expect to see no more than nine colours in a design. Any more than this would cause production times to skyrocket and cost too. Screen printing is not the most cost-effective design method – a lot of time and effort needs to go in to produce the print, therefore, providers don’t run many small quantity jobs. 


The Key Drawbacks of Screen Printing

You might think that we’re being a little biased to DTG by focusing on the drawbacks of screen printing – however, other than the capability of producing bulk orders, we don’t see any area in which it outperforms DTG. 


Lack of Detail 

When opting for screen printing, you’re limited in what you can produce. With your designs, ideally, you want to be able to freely express yourself without limitation, don’t you? Whereas, screen printing limits you to nine colours and is only effective for a handful of design types. So, if you’ve produced an intricate design, screen printing isn’t the method to opt for.

It’s simply too much time, effort and cost to produce the stencils required for detailed designs – which is why businesses only use it for bulk orders. Otherwise, the time spent on each job would mean that they would actually make a loss on small orders. Of course, this isn’t a sustainable way to run a business and you wouldn’t last very long at all. 


Minimum Orders Required

Due to the drawn-out setup process, a lot of businesses will require you to place minimum orders when utilising screen printing. The more prints that they can get out of a run, the more money that they’re making and the more cost-effective it is for them. If all you’re after is a sole print or a handful of shirts printing, screen printing definitely isn’t the way to go. 

If you’re a business and are looking to get your latest product range printed, you’re going to need a lot of stock, right? Screen printing could be well suited to this, however, we urge you to be confident that all of your stock numbers will sell out. Otherwise, you’ll be left with unwanted stock and ultimately, dented profit margins. 


DTG vs Screen Printing: Our Verdict

When choosing the printing method for your ideas, you must choose wisely. Otherwise, you could end up costing your business a lot more than you need to. So, which one is best suited to your product requirements? Both printing methods are effective in their own rights. 

However, we have one clear winner of DTG vs screen printing. Drum roll, please…

Direct to Garment takes it for us. Other than the capability to produce bulk orders easier, there aren’t any ways in which screen printing outweighs DTG. Whereas, DTG is capable of producing high-quality detailed designs that are certain to wow your customers! Stand out from the crowd and make your most creative designs come to life. 

Plus, it’s easy to set up and therefore commands a much less production cost than screen printing does. With that in mind, businesses can make a higher profit margin on products that are produced with DTG printing. Customers want speed and quality – and with DTG, that’s exactly what you get, every time!


Equip Yourselves Properly for DTG Production

As we’ve established, DTG is a popular and effective printing method. However, you need to have the right equipment to carry it out properly. Without the correct machines, your designs will be lacklustre and you won’t replicate the desired effect. So, having the right machine to produce DTG printed garments is massively important. 

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve created a FREE guide that expands on everything you need to know about DTG. From further insight into what it is, what can be produced and the machines that you need to produce it properly, it’s all in there for you to benefit from. Grab your copy today!

DTG Printing Ideas

5 Cool DTG Printing Ideas to Make Your Products Stand Out

Direct to garment (DTG) printing is a great method to enhance your overall production capacity. It’s a super useful printing method that when used right can bring your business many benefits. However, when used incorrectly, it could end up costing a lot more than it’s worth – especially where man-hours are concerned. 

So, to make sure that you get the most out of DTG printing and reap the many benefits, we’ve handpicked five top ideas that you could implement into your product range. We’ve made sure to make the ideas as realistic and easy to introduce as possible, that way, they’re accessible by a wide range of businesses.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!


We’ll cover:


Intricate and Detailed Designs

One of the many benefits of DTG is that it’s able to easily produce incredibly detailed designs. Therefore, why not introduce some intricate and specially designed products to your range. For example, mandala patterns and other finicky design types. With these designs, you’ll stand out from the crowd. 

One thing about intricate designs is that they look amazing – although, only when they’re done well, that is. Should they be done badly, they’re going to have the exact opposite effect. Sure, you’ll still stand out from the crowd but not for the right reasons, we’re afraid. Poorly designed garments are definitely not the way to woo your desired audience at all. 

DTG produces detail with ease. Therefore, you can boast amazing designs and always deliver on execution. Your customers will be spending their hard-earned money on your products, you can’t be serving up lacklustre designs, can you? With DTG, the quality achieved will ensure you surpass your competitors and rise to the top of your industry. 


Striking Colourful Prints

You could create the best design in the world, however, if it isn’t coloured properly or is coloured poorly, the results won’t be as you desired. Colour is important – especially if you want to stand out from the rest of the industry. Just think about how many other businesses there are in your industry all producing garments – without colour, what chance do you stand? 


DTG Printing Colourful Designs


Quite simply, you don’t stand a chance at all! Colour brings your designs to life and will help differentiate your garments from the rest – therefore, colour is something you desperately need in all of your designs. Again, colour is a factor that most people look to factor into their style and fashion inspiration so it’s a great way to appeal to a mass audience. 

DTG allows you to easily add colour into your designs with ease – and a LOT easier than other printing methods too. With that in mind, if you can create amazing colourful designs with minimal effort, surely that’s a win-win for your business, isn’t it? Whereas, with other methods, you’d require a much more in-depth setup and printing process too. 


Fashion T-Shirts

Of course, keeping up with the latest trends is a great way to ensure that your product range always stays relevant. In the fashion game, you have to be prepared for the latest trends to turn on a knife-edge. Literally, something could be in today but out tomorrow – it really is that relentless. However, catching the right trend at the right time can be incredible for business.

So, how can DTG help you create fashion t-shirts? Of course, there will be some designs and styles that aren’t best suited to DTG. However, anything t-shirt printing based can easily be achieved with DTG. The best materials to use to drive the most impressive results are cotton – which means that fashion t-shirts are a great product to take to market. 

Plus, we’d like to task you with trying to find somebody who doesn’t have t-shirts in their wardrobe. They’re a staple of everybody’s wardrobe! Lounging around the house – a comfy t-shirt. Going out for the night – t-shirt under a smart overshirt. The possibilities are endless – find the right design niche and you could be well in.  


Personalised Clothing

Love it or hate it, personalised clothing will always appeal to people. Of course, the first thing you think of when personalised clothing is mentioned are t-shirts for stag or hen parties or special occasions, aren’t they? However much people despise this kind of thing, there’s always a market for them! 

Personalised clothing doesn’t have to be novelty or cringey like the above-mentioned! Of course, sports teams merchandise is personalised and unique to the team that it’s based on. Plus, there’s a huge demand for professional sports and many people are incredibly passionate about the sport they love. 

While you may have to be careful around legislation and trademark regulations, targeting sports personalisation could be a good avenue for you. For example, with Euro 2021 coming up in the summer months, why not target personalised merchandise for fans of their different countries to wear while cheering their countries on? 

Being able to offer a personalised experience shows the versatility of DTG. The fact that you can receive orders and turn them around with little fuss at all is amazing and is definitely appealing to the customer. In a world of impatient buyers, the quicker the better – as long as the quality is there, of course. 


Work Uniforms and Branding

DTG can be used in a professional setting too. A lot of businesses invest in uniforms for their team to wear. This can have various benefits for the business, but the uniforms must be made well. Uniforms are often one of the first ways that somebody is drawn to your business with – for example, spotting somebody in the street on their commute or lunch break. 

Therefore, if their uniform is bad or poorly designed, it could reflect on their first impression. If an electrician is wearing a poorly designed uniform, are you really going to trust them to get the job done if they can’t even get their own uniform design and quality right? Probably not. Uniforms are designed to promote professionalism, not the opposite.


DTG Printing Work Uniforms


DTG is the perfect printing method to produce a professional impression for your work uniforms. From t-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts, it allows you to produce a wide range of uniform garments. So, not only can your team look smart and impress those while wearing your uniform but they can also be comfortable and safe while working too. 

Work uniforms never go out of style – FACT. Therefore, you could be entering a market that there’s always a constant demand for. 


Midwest Can Help With Your DTG Needs!

Now that you’ve been exposed to 5 excellent DTG printing ideas, are you ready to take the plunge and broaden your product range? Or, do you still need a little more convincing? Don’t worry if you do, that’s completely natural. Luckily for you, we’ve created a FREE guide that outlines everything you need to know about DTG printing. 

From what it is, the main benefits that it can bring to your business and which machines can help take your DTG printing to the next level! Please don’t hesitate to grab your copy today!

Or, if you’d like to speak to somebody about the potential of DTG printing and how it can help your business, get in touch. Our expert team is always on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have.

choose the perfect direct to garment printer for you

Which Direct to Garment Printer is Perfect For You?

Investing in a direct to garment (DTG) printer and other equipment that’s tailored to your individual needs and requirements is crucial. Otherwise, you may be left with an inadequate machine that fails to meet your customer demand and needing to further invest to rectify the problem.

There are various factors that you must consider when choosing the right machine for your business – performance, quality levels and cost – to name a few. Investing in these machines is a big decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. To help you with your decision, in this post, we’ve highlighted some key machines that are suited to businesses of all sizes. 


Brother GTX Pro

When it comes to DTG printing machines, it’s no contest. 

This is the latest DTG printer from ever-popular Brother. It’s the perfect machine to slot seamlessly into your production line and help take things to the next level. It’s durable, built to last and is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Therefore, no matter whether you’re a small startup business or a global enterprise, this machine will be there for you. 

You’ll notice that the machine is compact and small in size. However, don’t let this put you off – you shouldn’t underestimate the power and speed that the machine contains. Both of these are key features for the perfect DTG machine for your business. That way, you can turnaround orders quickly and welcome new projects and partnerships.


Broaden Your Product Range

By appealing to a mass audience, you’re broadening the pool of potential customers. Therefore, by increasing your product range and not closing yourself off by trying to be too niche, you can be more inclusive of a wide spectrum audience. The GTX Pro is compatible with a wide range of materials, so you’ll be able to turn your hand at the latest trending products. 

From fabric printing to wood and canvas, this machine works well on a wide range of different materials – and it ALWAYS delivers. No matter whether you’re printing professional work uniforms or personal memories onto a canvas, you can be sure that this machine will get the job done with no compromise on quality.


Increase Productivity 

DTG is a straightforward printing method at the best of times. However, with the GTX Pro, it just got a whole load simpler. We didn’t think that was possible! With the inclusion of an automatic cleaning system, you needn’t worry about having to regularly clean your machine – it looks after itself! Of course, it’ll still need some level of attention though. 


midwest machinery direct to garment printer brother gtx pro


This means that you can save time on cleaning and more time producing products! Therefore, your machine can be constantly running and you can be solely focused on the areas of your business that are driving revenue and making money. Rather than worrying about the cleanliness of your machine and whether it’s going to affect printing quality or not. 


Streamline Your Processes

The GTX Pro is one of the fastest machines in the industry. The speed on its own is impressive enough, however, when it’s working ultra-fast and still managing to churn out incredible results, it’s even better for your business! Due to the machine’s speed, your whole printing process will be a lot quicker and streamlined. 

When streamlining processes, it means that your overall operations will be a lot more efficient. That could be the difference between turning customers away or welcoming those extra jobs in! Wherever you can save time you should do – your business will thank you for it indefinitely. Plus, it’ll make busy periods seem like an absolute doddle in future. 

The machine includes a new industrial white print head, which means that cleaning the machine is further streamlined too. Firstly, you won’t need as much white ink to flush out the machine and secondly, less cleaning means more time is saved. 


Align Your Whole Equipment Inventory 

In our opinion, the Brother GTX Pro is the only direct to garment printer that’s worth seriously considering. It’s streets ahead of anything else within the industry and will improve your production output and efficiency indefinitely. With that in mind, there’s no point introducing industry-leading machinery in one area and neglecting other service areas of your business, is there? 

While you may have a powerful DTG output with the introduction of a new machine, if the other areas of your business are inadequate, then it’s not going to make the desired impact. After all, DTG isn’t the be-all and end-all of your production output, is it? Usually, clothing manufacturers opt for various printing and embroidery methods to provide a well-rounded service. 


Introduce Industrial Embroidery Machines to Your Production Line

If your business focuses on embroidery, it’s worth checking whether your current machine set up is up to the task at hand or is it holding you back? Are you constantly having to turn away further custom because your machines can’t cope? Are the machines forever breaking down and inflicting regular downtime periods? Both of these are signs that you need a new set up. 

Of course, in the short-term, this isn’t going to be music to your ears. Having to invest in a new direct to garment printer and industrial embroidery set up can be expensive. However, it’s an investment in driving your business forwards. What may be a short-term cost will enable you to reap the benefits of mass expansion and growth in the long-run. 


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At Midwest, we appreciate that. Which is why we stock industrial embroidery machines that are suitable for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to startup your embroidery services or build on existing customer demand, we can accommodate all needs and requirements with our extensive choice. 

From single-head and multi-head industrial embroidery machines to wide-area and technologically advanced, we guarantee that there’s something to suit every business. And our expert team will work tirelessly alongside you to ensure that the perfect option is secured. 


We’re Always Here to Help!

At Midwest, we care about your business and are determined to help you equip yourselves properly. Whether it’s a direct to garment printer or industry-leading industrial embroidery machines that you’re looking for, we can always help! 

With that in mind, to help you make smarter business decisions and give you a little further knowledge on which DTG machine is right for your business, we’ve created a comprehensive FREE guide to help. From what DTG is, how it works and machine specifications, it’s all in there for you to take a look at.

Direct to garment printing machine

The Importance of the Right Direct to Garment Printing Machine

An industry-leading direct to garment (DTG) printing machine is vital to the success of your business and the quality of your work. Think about it, if you’re aiming for high-quality results but you haven’t got the equipment to back it up, you’ll likely come up short. And who wants to purchase low-quality products? Nobody. 

So, you need to choose the right one for your business’ needs and requirements. Remember, the machine needs to meet your individual demand for you to create the best results. Just because a machine works wonders for your competitors or other industries, doesn’t mean that it’s going to work for you. 

In this post, we’ll highlight the importance of introducing the right direct to garment machine into your production line. 


We’ll cover: 


Improve Production Line Output

If your production line isn’t backed up with innovative and powerful equipment, it’s likely that your output levels won’t be reaching the potential heights that they could be. Think about it, if you’ve been offering a DTG service for years and running your machine into the ground, signs of wear and tear may be slowing the machine down and reducing your output.

Industry-leading machines are designed to be run all day, every day – they won’t let you down. Therefore, you can welcome new custom and partnerships without hesitation as your business will be best equipped to do so. Knowing that your machine is capable of meeting intense customer demand is always reassuring. 

If you have the top-performing machine in the industry, it’s going to improve your production capacity – FACT. New machines run a lot faster than old ones, plus, you needn’t worry about them making mistakes or throwing errors. There’s a reason why they head the market and that’s because they can help propel your business forwards simply with their introduction. 

A machine that runs more efficiently and quickly means that you can get through jobs a lot faster too. So, with the time that you’re saving per job, you can reinvest this into further production and increase your productivity. In turn, you’ll see profitability rise too.


Ensure High-Quality Standards

When choosing the right direct to garment printing machine, you need to consider the quality of the print from each run. Sure, speed is important and will help increase your capacity. However, if your machine is churning out orders that are filled with errors, it’s only going to slow you down. You need a machine that can turn orders around quickly while constantly delivering high quality. 

High-quality levels should always be a priority for your business. After all, your customers are seeking your service because they want you to do a professional and effective job. So, if you return the order and it’s poor quality and not what they expected, they’re not going to be happy and will more than likely require a refund. Poor quality can cause major problems for your business. 


direct to garment high quality levels


If you’ve introduced a machine that’s constantly delivering poor results, you’re not going to make much money and you’ll establish an unwanted reputation. News travels fast and your brand name will be dragged through the mud if you become well-known for delivering poor quality. This can massively deter any future business and boost your competition. 

That’s why you need the right direct to garment printing machine for your own individual needs and requirements. Take time to consider what your business requires from your DTG machine and don’t rush into a decision – it may cost you!


Reduce Any Avoidable Downtime

If you’re operating with an inadequate machine, you’re likely going to break it with the demand that you’re heaping onto it – especially if you’re operating with a non-commercial DTG machine. If your machine breaks, you’re bound to experience partial or full downtime, which isn’t favourable for your business – particularly if it happens regularly. 

During this period, your business won’t be able to drive revenue, production operations will be down and your productivity will plummet. Plus, that’s not the end of your worries either – you’re going to need to repair or replace the machine. In summary, downtime can cost your business a LOT of money. 

Whereas, if you introduce an industrial direct to garment printing machine, they’re used to being put under a lot of stress. They’re built to be run all day and will maintain a high-quality standard in every job that they do. With that being said, you’re likely to experience far less downtime and can operate at full strength throughout each shift. 

Downtime is a far from ideal situation for any business. Manufacturing businesses are always looking for ways to reduce avoidable downtime. Of course, we can’t help accidents that lead to these periods, however, just by simply introducing the right DTG machine, you’ll see the risk of downtime dramatically reduced. 


Stay Ahead of the Competition

One of the main benefits of DTG is that intricate and finicky designs are created with ease. However, if you’re not using the right machine, the quality of these designs isn’t going to be anything impressive. With that in mind, if you’re failing to deliver impressive DTG results while your competitors are smashing it, it’s going to be them that head up the industry, isn’t it? 

People don’t want to spend their hard-earned money on poorly designed garments. Therefore, if you don’t have the right machine to carry out DTG successfully and to a high standard, you’re going to lose out on a lot of custom. That being said, you need to make sure that you’re using the correct materials and giving your DTG projects every chance of success. 


stay ahead of the competition


With DTG, there are a lot of industries that can be covered. So, you need to make sure that what you’re producing is high-quality – otherwise, you’ll be giving custom straight to your competition. By creating detailed designs that pop and stand out, you’ll be taking your product range to the next level and ensuring you’re always at the top of the game. 

There’s a large opportunity to appeal to a mass audience by being able to provide intricate designs and top-quality products, don’t let yourselves down by not equipping yourselves correctly. 


Equip Yourselves Properly With Midwest!

As you’ve just read, ensuring that you have the right direct to garment printing machine is essential to the success of your business. Without an adequate machine, how can you expect to create amazing results that are going to wow your audience? Quite simply, you can’t! For you to make the most educated decision possible, you need to expand your knowledge on DTG. 

So, to help that, we’ve produced a free guide that covers everything you need to know about DTG and how it can help your business. From what is, how it works and which machines are right for you, it’s all in there for you to learn from. Grab your copy today!